Lawn Boy 10685

The Lawn Boy 10685 self propelled lawn mower is a non-current model from the team at Lawn Boy. This machine has a cutting width of 21 inches thanks to a ‘Trim Edge’ deck that is made from steel to offer great strength and durability from potential bumps and bruises that all lawn mowers suffer during operation. The lawn mower is started via a recoil, pull cord mechanism that is not too strenuous on the arms. The engine that powers it forwards is an ‘Easy Start’ Tecumseh that gives out a maximum power of 6.5 hp.

The engine diverts power to the rear wheels on the Lawn Boy 10685. The amount of power the wheels receive is controlled using the handle bars in front of the operator. These handle bars can be quickly folded for storage. The 21 inch mower deck on the 10685 self propelled lawn mower can be raised and lowered over a range of 3 inches, from a high of 4 inches above the ground when cutting long grass, down to a low of just 1 inch above the ground when you are looking for a neater cut. The lawn mower is very light, weighing in at just 36.7 kg (81 lbs). This is light enough to allow you to lift it easily when putting it into your car.

Lawn Boy is a very popular and famous brand that produces quality products. This is exactly why the 10685 self propelled lawn mower comes with a complete 2 year warranty covering the entire mower. The Lawn Boy 10685 lawn mower is a self propelled model that is quite similar to the newer models from LawnBoy like the Lawn Boy 10604 and the Lawn Boy 10605 walk behind, self propelled lawnmowers which are well worth a look at. Please leave a review below with your thoughts if you have ever used the 10685 lawnmower.

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