John Deere 46 Inch Snow Blade

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The John Deere 46 inch snow blade has been specifically designed for the famous and popular John Deere 100 series of tractor lawn mowers. The 46″ snow blade is similar to a lot of John Deere snow blower attachments in that it works far more effectively and efficiently when snow chains are used on the wheels of the John Deere 100 series tractor lawnmower and also ballast is added to the rear of the machine to allow the rear wheels to better grip the ground. The easiest ballast to use is John Deere’s Quik-Tatch weights. Each Quik-Tatch weight weigh in at 19.1 kg (42 lbs).

Probably the best thing about the JD 46 inch snow blade is that it’s not just designed for moving snow, but it is also well capable of moving earth as well. So once the snow from winter has melted you can use the 46″ snow blade during the summer for landscaping and other similar activities.

As the John Deere 46″ snow blade is primarily used for clearing snow, it operates in many different positions. It can be adjusted to deposit material to the left or right or with no angle at all so that you can easily control where you want either snow or soil to end up. Many users find the 46 inch snow blade very practical for leveling soil and other material as the blade can be raised up to 0.17 m (6.5 inches) above the ground. Most homeowners actually prefer to use a snow blade as opposed to a snow blowers like the John Deere 46 inch snow blower for clearing their driveway as they never have to deal with the huge depths of snow that snow blowers can take care of. On top of this snow blades tend to be cheaper than snow blowers

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