John Deere 47 Inch Snow Blower

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The John Deere 47 inch snow blower is an attachment that is compatible with most of the John Deere X700 series of ride on tractor lawn mowers. These include the John Deere X700, X720, X724, X728, X729, X740, X744, X748 and John Deere X749, x534 tractor lawnmowers. The fantastic thing about the JD 47 inch snow blower attachment is that it can turn up to 100 degrees off center to it’s right or to it’s left meaning that the operator will always be able to direct unwanted snow to where he/she wants it piled up.

John Deere claims that it’s JD 47″ snow blower is far more effective than standard single stage snow blowers operating in wet, deep, compacted or heavy snow. As this is a dual stage snowblower, it can very easily handle these types of snow and properly discharge far from where they first engine the snow blower. The John Deere 47 inch snowblower attachment utilizes JD’s Quik-Tatch technology and so allows the operator to very quickly attach the snowblower by basically just driving into the machine.

It also has a drift knife that quickly cuts into and through snow drifts with ease. This 47″ John Deere attachment is something you should definitely consider if you have a very long driveway or if you are a removing snow from very large areas. However if you are usually dealing with light sprinklings of snow, then you might consider something much smaller like the John Deere 522E Snow Blower or the John Deere 46 inch snow blade. These pieces of machinery cost less but at the same time perform very well at removing small to medium depths of snow.

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