John Deere 44 Inch Snow Blower – 100 Series

The John Deere 44 Inch Snow Blower (100 Series) is the snow thrower attachment that has been specifically designed to attach to the John Deere 100 series of lawnmowers. The snow blower has a spout that is adjustable by up to 200 degrees from the seat of your 100 series lawnmower during operation so that you can quickly changed the direction you are throwing snow without having to leave your seat. This JD 44 inch snow thrower is quite different from the likes of the John Deere SB11 snow blower or the likes of the self propelled dual stage John Deere 1338 PE snowblower.

The John Deere 44 inch snow blower for the 100 series lawn mower also uses adjustable skid shoes to allow the operator to properly adjust the height of the bottom edge of the snow blower to make sure it doesn’t potentially destroy any fragile ground surfaces. The auger on the 100 series JD 44 inch snow blower is 0.3 m (12 inches) long allowing it to handily chop and break up even compacted snow in it’s path before spitting it out through the deflector chute. The diameter of the deflector chute comes in at 0.15 m (6 inches) which means that it can handle very large quantities of snow indeed.

In the case where you need to operate the John Deere 44″ 100 series snowblower in very deep snow and snow drifts, there is the option of adding a drift knife to either side of the yellow ‘bucket’ part of the JD 100 series snow thrower. While the width of the snow blower measures 44 inches, the height of the clearing area measures 0.46 m (18 inches), which for most homeowner who regularly clear snow should be enough for almost all conditions. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the John Deere 100 series 44 inch snow blower, it’s recommended that you do 2 things. The first is using tire chains for extra traction and grip. The second thing you need to consider is adding ballast in the form of Quik Tatch weights to the rear of your 100 series mower to again help give extra traction to the back wheels.

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10 Reviews of the “John Deere 44 Inch Snow Blower – 100 Series”

  1. Carl Wyatt Aaron says:

    Terrible,and Very DISAPOINTED

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: LOOKS NICE!!!
    Cons: WORKS LIKE CRAP!! I feel like a total idiot worst product I’ve ever purchased(financed). I love my JD D155 tractor/mower. BUT this snow thrower.1. hard to maneuver, gets stuck, literarily no traction Plus damaged my seal coated driveway with the snow chains just spinning ,2. hard to lift blower with lift handle when it has some snow packed in it (Vision) stuck having to get out walk through snow you just tried to blow now its jamming blower and you have to dig out the snow in front of blower in order to get to blower to unjam it. Now let talk about protective snow cab when cold and hard does not zip Zipper separates.
    Attachments: 44″ snow thrower
    Modifications: none

  2. Rod says:

    Overall throw snow very well I am concerned whether the hundred series tractor hold up to using that big blower

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Bought this one used came with my LA125 with suite case weights and tire chains. The PO was tought on stuff he bent both the frame rails very badly. I ran this for two seasons before replacing both of them. Really throws the snow like 25 to 35 feet depending on how wet it is. I think it’s easy to install takes me 20 minutes or so.
    Cons: If you have a gravel driveway it’s tough to blow until it gets packed down I have to manually hold the blower up a few inches if it’s not packed down. I bought terra chains. They are rubber and will not scratch my paver stones I also bought nylon skids and as a bonus you can raise them up at the bottom of the blower at least 2 1/2 to 3 inches off the ground which makes it easier to use on the gravel driveway . I’ve not tried the chains that came with the machine yet they could help the machine on the gravel driveway but the Terra chains seem to work pretty well Once everything is packed down. If you have a steep incline on your driveway I don’t think this is going to work real well for you you’re gonna want to get a heavier duty tractor to help get you up the incline . As others have reported in deep snow it’s hard to turn the machine i have to lift up slightly on the Handel to put some more weight on the front wheels it’s really not that tough to do but it’s still kind of a pain . I’m going to decide after this year if I sell the blower or the whole set up and find a Wheelhorse tractor or an older John Deere with bigger tires on them and make that my dedicated snow blowing machine I will see how the rest of this winter goes I can say that I would never pay $1400 for this blower. I paid $1250 and that was for the tractor blower mower and Rear bagger . I also replaced the belt last year and it broke on the first snowfall this year I believe the problem could’ve been with the bent frame rails. I’ll see how this new aftermarket belt holds up I’m not gonna pay $90 for a John Deere belt.
    Modifications: Instead of using a wingnut on the blower Shute handle use a locking nut,10 mm and that’ll keep the brackets from loosening up .
    Replace the metal skids with nylon ones they’re about $99 I’m a company out of Milwaukee Wisconsin .
    If you’re worried about scratching your driveway with chains try and find some of the rubber ones from Terra chains I believe there about $100 .

  3. George Cuthbertson says:

    An amazingly poor design, though it works well when it works at all.

    Dealer support is classic example of dealers who feel they are premium dealers and customers should put up with arrogant behaviour, poor service, limited parts stock and high hourly rates.

    Everything that made the great US automotive and farm implement industry what it is today: poor design, bad service and slowly going out of business.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: clears snow very well, throws it well clear, and can get through moderately hard banks. Truly a wide blower at 44″
    when it works. Breaks down every winter once or twice
    Cons: The 100 series tractors are NOT made for winter use. The starter motor freezes.

    There is an electric interlock that prevents backing up with the power takeoff engaged. This failed repeatedly, and then the engine will not turn over to start. Needs a trailer with a come along to regularly drive the tractor and snow blower to the dealer

    The dealer behaves like a BMW dealer: it is a honor for the customer that we deign to serve you. Would you like to know if the dealer can work on it today? Sorry that’s a secret. When will it be ready? Sorry that’s a secret. $500 bill to fix things that should never have broken.

    The cables to adjust the snow chute catch on the crank to adjust the snow chute. Had to jury rig plastic pipes to prevent constant snagging.

    The bracket to support the snow chute crank is designed so poorly that it will not stay in place. Had to jury rig a bracket system to attach across the tracker to support the bracket.

    The cable to the blower lift pin snags on things. Had to restrain it with ties.

    Replacing some of the belts is an amazing ordeal requiring undoing many many bolts and clips with many different socket sizes, a mix of metric and SAE sizes. All a lot of fun in winter.

    Attachments: 44″ snow blower on D130 riding mower 22hp.

    Apparently designed to work well in summer. We don’t have a lot of snow then.

    Blower started rusting significantly in non wear areas after 3 years.

  4. rod says:

    Never again.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: When it works it is great.
    Cons: Very poor quality. The unit self destructed after about 20 hours of use. Parts and labour cost as much as the unit. Never again.

  5. Matt Haller says:

    The blower does a good job of getting snow well out of the way, but requires a good amount of effort to steer and/or reverse.

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: Very good at clearing snow.
    Cons: I purchased a D160 in spring 2015 for mowing three acres and planned to purchase the 44″ blower for clearing the driveway. The dealer assembled the snowblower and I installed it. The idler/tensioning pulley fell came off and parts went flying after approx two hours of use. I was able to locate all the parts and reinstalled. However, I noticed the belt was very thin in one spot, and will likely fail soon. Local dealer doesn’t have another belt in stock so I have one on order.
    Steering is nearly impossible when clearing snow. The machine goes where it wants to go. It will respond to SLOW turns, but the user should expect to manually raise the blower with one hand and steer with the other to execute a turn…all the while keeping enough weight on the seat so the seat safety doesn’t kill the engine.
    An arm attaches (by bolt and wing but) near the throttle to position the chute controls. The operator should expect to tighten the wing nut often as it tends to work itself loose. Perhaps some thread lock would work.
    Attachments: tire chains, ballast weights

  6. Jason D'Antonio says:


    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: x
    Cons: X360 and snowblowing attachment puchased 2011. 92 hours on the machine, likely less than 20 with the snowblower. In fantastic condition. The brace on the snow blower is bent. Brought unit to dealer they reported, per the regional support Manager Bob Quetshke, it was my fault. Certainly not. This unit is 2x the price of other similar lawn mowers with snowblowing attachments, so I expected better service. Will not go with John Deere again.
    Attachments: x
    Modifications: xx

  7. Joe Peluso says:

    Very Disappointed.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: It looks nice
    Cons: Even with the suitcase weights and chains, the front end is way to heavy and you cannot get traction on the back wheels on the 100 series. I drove the thing out of my driveway, and it immediately got stuck. I had to go to the store and buy a “come-along” to crank it back into the garage.

    I called the manufacturer, and they don’t care at all, they stated I should contact the retailer I purchased it through. I contacted Lowes in Middletown, NY and they stated they aren’t going to do anything about it because they only have a 30 day return policy. I told them I bought the tractor and attachments in July in preparation of a bad winter, and It usually won’t snow during July and August, how in the hell was I going to find out whether or not the machine would work or not during the return time. They said, and I quote, “we don’t care, we aren’t taking it back, try to sell it”

    I am truly disappointed by both John Deere, Hudson Valley Tractor, and Lowes. I thought I was doing the right thing by buying American, but unfortunately, American companies seem to refuse to stand by their product and seen to have the worst customer service.

    Attachments: No Attachments
    Modifications: No Modifications

  8. Dean Schultz says:

    I expect to not replace another snow thrower belt for many more hours and for John Deere quality.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Two stage works well.
    Cons: Snow thrower belt lasted five hours. When replacing belt, I noticed belt was rubbing on two frame bolt threads and suspect this was the reason for belt failure. I then re-positioned two frame bolts so the threads were on the outside of the frame. When the snow thrower arrived, the belt was on the front pulley. When replacing the belt, it took me a long time to do so because it is difficult to wrap the belt around the front pulley without removing several parts.
    Attachments: 44 inch snow thrower and mower. May get leaf sweeper.
    Modifications: See re-positioning of frame bolts.

  9. I have never been so frustrated after buying a new machine in my life. I have developed quite a hatred for the way it steers (doesn’t steer) when the blower is attached. Makes plowing the driveway an all day event because I am only able to blow in straight paths, and have to back up continuously to get back on track.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: 22hp motor
    Cons: Reverse button needs to be depressed to back up.
    When the snow blower is put on the ground, it lifts the front tires of the tractor and it is impossible to steer. I have to lift the blower off the ground to steer, which leaves a pile of snow in the driveway. If I don’t, the blower decides where it is going, not me. This requires a lot of straight paths, and a lot of backing up. I removed the heavy-duty skids and put the original curved ones on the blower but still could not steer. I want my old 1974 JD back.
    Attachments: 44″ snow blower – manual lift
    Modifications: heavy-duty skids on snow blower

  10. RAY SERNA, Sr. says:

    Very nice unit for the price and how well it is made.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: I purchased the 44 inch about 4 years ago and I have only had to replace the belt once. I would recommend that you purchase the second stage bearings (about 10 bucks each) 2 required as I have had to replace them as well. I live in the u.p. of michigan where we get about 200 inches a year and this machins will throw it out 25 feet or so. I;m very happy.
    Cons: Having to hold the reverse button down as the paddle foot switch works on and off.
    Attachments: lawn morrow and snow blower
    Modifications: none

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