Cub Cadet GT3200

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The Cub Cadet GT3200 riding lawnmower is an absolute monster when compared to any other sit on lawn mower from Cub Cadet (excluding zero turn mowers). It has a powerful 2 cylinder Command engine that is designed and built by Kohler. This engine provides the GT 3200 with a massive 25hp. Power from the engine reaches the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission, making this Cub Cadet an automatic. So there is no need to be always changing gears on this mower which can get really annoying after a while. Instead you just need to change how much pressure you are putting on the gas pedal.

Like the Cub Cadet GT3100 mower, there are a choice of mower decks that you can attach to the Cub Cadet GT3200. The smallest is a 44 inch deck while the largest is very big, having a cutting width of 60 inches. There are also 2 others, a 50 inch and 54 inch mower deck. All of these decks have 3 blades and are shaft driven, not belt driven. This shaft driven transmission means less power is lost than if belt driven transmission were used. There are 4 wheels, one at each outer corner of the mower deck that prevent it from scraping or ‘scalping’ the ground you are cutting.

For dealing with the grass clippings there are 3 options. The first and easiest is to expel them out the side of the mower deck. The next option is to use a mulching kit. The third option is to purchase a bagger to collect the grass clippings. The bagger is attached to the back of the Cub Cadet GT3200 as are other optional implements like sprayers, carts and aerators. On the front you have the option of attaching a 45 inch dual stage snow blower as well as a 54 inch front blade. Just remember to add front or rear weights to the GT 3200 to keep it balanced when using an attachment.

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