Cub Cadet GT3100

The Cub Cadet GT3100 is one of two lawnmowers from the 3000 series by Cub Cadet. It is the most powerful range of riding tractor lawn mowers from Cub Cadet. The engine powering the GT 3100 is a 23hp Command engine from Kohler. This V twin cylinder engine uses a pressurized oil pump to ensure thorough lubrication is maintained throughout it operation. Power from the engine is then transferred through by a shaft driven mower system that means you don’t need to use a rubber belt. Power gets to the wheels of the machine by a shaft drive hydrostatic transmission, making the machine an automatic with no gear changing to worry about. The great thing about using shaft driven transmissions to power both the wheels and mower deck is that very little power is lost along the way.

The Cub Cadet GT3100 has a choice of 3 mower decks. The smallest has a cutting width of 44 inches, while the biggest has a cutting width of 54 inches. The mid sized mower deck has a cutting width of 50 inches. It’s important to realize that if you choose the 54 inch mowing deck on the GT 3100, It won’t be able to handle as long or wet grass as the 44 inch mower deck without the risk of it stalling.

While there is the option of a mulch kit on the Cub Cadet GT3100, you can also purchase optional baggers to collect the clippings instead of leaving them on the grass. The mower deck uses QuickAttach technology developed by Cub Cadet to quickly allow the operator to attach or detach the mower deck very quickly without having to use a toolkit. Raising and lowering the deck on the GT 3100 is very easy thanks to a fingertip hydraulic lift that requires little effort on your part. There are also snow blowers and other attachments that are compatible with this model. The other model in the series is the Cub Cadet GT3200 riding tractor lawn mower.

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