Cub Cadet 945 SWE Snow Blower

The Cub Cadet 945 SWE Snow Blower is the mac daddy of snowblowers produced by Cub Cadet. It is far bigger than any of their other models such as the Cub Cadet 221 HP Snow Blower or even the Cub Cadet 930 SWE Snow Blower or the Cub Cadet 933 SWE Snow Blower. This machine is powered by a very large 4 stroke, 0.42 liter engine. This provides it with enough power to easily crush all snow in it’s path and get rid of it. It will even tackle very small tree branches and other debris without much hassle. The clearing width of this snow blower is very large, coming in at 1.14 m (45 inches), which is 12 inches bigger than it’s smaller brother. It’s intake height comes in at 0.56 m (22 inches).

The Cub Cadet 945 SWE snow blower is started by the operator simply pressing the electric starter button. Many people are quite fond of this model as you can even use it during darker hours and into the night thanks to it’s halogen headlight. The chute used on the 945SWE to direct the snow away from the clearing area is formed from steel and so it can endure heavy impacts and deal with very large quantities of snow. The chute can rotate through 190 degrees via a hand crank. Luckily the angle of the deflector sitting on top of the chute is controlled from the operator station, allowing you to save time.

The Cub Cadet 945 SWE snow blower comes with a 1 year warranty if you are going to be using it commercially. But if you are just an individual who will only be using it at home, then this warranty extends to 3 years of cover. This snow blower also uses reversible, adjustable skid shoes so that you can control how high the cutting deck sits above the ground to prevent you from damaging the surface you are clearing.

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One Review of the “Cub Cadet 945 SWE Snow Blower”

  1. john says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: It looks bad ass
    Cons: The auger drive system is can not handle the full 45 in with without burning thru its belt, with only 17in of snow I went thru 2 belts and still had to get plowed out I could not finish the job. the platic snow snow chute broke off sec storm, frist grear hardly works forward or backwards, had to buy an aftger market the eng.light and mount it up from behind eng.,

    Note: if you live in Florida this is a great machine for scaring crocks

    Note I want my MONEY BACK I feel I’ve been ripoff, I will never buy another cub cadet ever!

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