Bad Boy 7200 Lightning Z

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The Bad Boy 7200 Lightning Z zero turn lawn mower is the largest in the Badboy Lightning Z series. This lawn mower has a choice of 2 different engines. The first is a Kawasaki twin cylinder that is air cooled and produces 31 hp. This engine has a total volume of 0.993 liters. The other choice is a Vanguard engine. This is also a twin cylinder, air cooled engine. This engine has a displacement of 0.895 liters. Both gasoline engines are key started and have an automotive type fuel filter which prevents dirt and other small particles that happen to get into the fuel tank from getting into the engine. Both engines get fuel from a gas tank that can hold up to 54.9 liters (14.5 US gallons).

Both engines drive the wheels on the Bad Boy 7200 Lightning Z zero turn mower through a dual hydrostatic transmission that utilizes a system of Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker high torque motors. The rear wheels, which power the Bad Boy 7200 Lightning Z forwards each measure 24×12-12 (24 inch diameter, 12 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter). These wheels have a turf thread for good grip. The front wheels are smooth and each measure 13×6.5-6 (13 inch diameter, 6.5 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter).

The mower deck on the Bad Boy Z7200 Lightning zero turn mower has a cutting width of 72 inches. This mower deck has 3 blades housed inside. There are a number of attachments that are compatible with this lawn mower that range from a mulching kit to an aerator, pull behind roller and de-thatcher. If you like the Bad Boy 7200 Lightning Z, but would prefer something that has got a smaller cutting width and also a smaller engine then you may be interested in either the Bad Boy 5200 Lightning Z or the Bad Boy 6000 Lightning Z zero turn lawn mowers.

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