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The Toro Z580-D series of zero turn lawnmowers consists of 3 distinct models. These 3 models are the Toro 74266, Toro 74267, Toro 74274 lawn mowers. Each of these machines has the same sized engine powering them. This engine is a 3 cylinder Kubota model that produces 25 hp and is powered by diesel, not gasoline. The engine uses a liquid cooling system and has a 2 stage air filter to clean the air intake of impurities before it enters the combustion chamber. The engine also comes with a temperature alarm as standard to notify the operator if the engine overheats. The only thing to differentiate each machine is the size of it’s mower deck.

The Toro 74266 has a mower deck with 52 inch cutting width. The cutting width of the mower deck on the Toro 74267 is 60 inches. The Toro 74274 is the biggest machine of the 3 with a mowing deck that has a width of 72 inches. All 3 Toro Z580-D zero turn lawnmowers have ‘Turbo Force’ mower decks that have been specifically designed to be used by commercial landscapers and garden contractors. The mower decks are a lot stronger than the ones you will find on regular residential lawn mowers as they have been constructed from 7 gauge steel. The blades inside the mower deck are also incredibly strong. They are made for quarter inch thick, heat treated steel which means that they stay sharper for longer.

There are 2 different bagger attachments for the Toro Z580-D lawn mowers that need to be attached to the back of the machine. There are also a range of other optional extras from a mulching kit to a super comfortable suspension seat as well as many others. Similar models to the Z 580D zero turn mowers include the 3 Toro Z Master Z500 Lawn Mowers as well as the 3 Toro Z590-D Zero Turn Lawn Mowers.

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