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The 2 Toro Z590-D zero turn lawn mowers are the Toro 74268 and the Toro 74269. They are both very similar due to the fact that they both use the exact same engine to power them. This engine is a diesel powered Daihatsu 3 cylinder that produces 27 hp in power output. This engine uses a liquid cooling system much like the engine in the 3 Toro Z580-D Lawn Mowers. This engine powers both the rear wheels and the mower deck. Power reaches theĀ  rear wheels through a hydraulic drive system that allows the operator to control each rear wheel independent of the other. This independent control is what allows the Z 590D lawnmowers to execute zero radius turns.

The top speed of both Toro Z590-D zero turn lawnmowers is 19.3 (12 mph) when traveling forwards and 12.9 kph (8 mph) when it’s reversing. These high speeds make it ideal for use over very large areas such as public parks, golf courses, playing fields and very large gardens. It also has a massive fuel tank that can hold up to 45.4 liters (12 US gallons) of diesel, enough for countless hour of continuous operation before it needs to be topped up. It’s because of this expected continuous operation that both Z 590D mowers have a range of sensor alarms that notify the operator or loss of oil pressure, of water in the fuel system and the alternator not working properly to charge the battery. Most importantly it lets you know if the engine is overheating.

The main difference between both Toro Z590D lawnmowers is the size of the mower deck on each. The Toro 74268 has a 60 inch mower deck while the Toro 74269 has a much bigger 72 inch mowing deck. If you own one of these Toro Z590-D lawnmowers then please leave a review of it below letting people know what you like most about it as well as what you don’t like about it and any attachments that you use with it.

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