Toro Z Master Z500 Lawn Mowers

The Toro Z Master Z500 series of zero turn lawn mowers consists of 3 different models. These are the Toro 74295, Toro 74296 and Toro 74297 lawnmowers. All of these mowers are very similar except for one small thing; the width of their mower decks. The Toro 74295 has a mower deck that is 52 inches wide. The Toro 74296 has a 60 inch mower deck. The Toro 74297 has a mower deck that is 72 inches wide. All 3 of these models use the exact same engine to power the wheels and blades. This engine is a 27 hp Command Pro engine designed and built by Kohler. This Kohler engine use a dual stage air filter to clean the air intake.

The top speed of the Toro 74295 is slightly lower at 13.7 kph (8.5 mph) than the Toro 74296 and the Toro 74297 which have top speeds of 16.1 kph (10 mph). However each of the 3 Toro Z Master Z500 lawnmowers have a large fuel tank that can hold a maximum of 45.4 liters (12 US gallons) of gasoline. These large gas tanks are indicative of the fact that the Z Master Z 500 series of zero turn lawnmowers from Toro are intended for heavy use by commercial outfits and landscaping contractors who require incredibly long continuous operating times.

All three mower decks on the Toro Z Master Z500 lawnmowers are ‘Turbo Force’ decks constructed from high strength, 7 gauge steel.  All three also have bull nose bumpers on the front part of mower deck to reinforce the deck and prevent if from deflecting under heavy loading. The depth of all three mowing decks is 5.5 inches, while their cutting width can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 5 inches above the ground. The deck is lifted with the help of a compression spring and deck lift assist pedal. Similar Toro zero turn mowers to the models in the Z500 range are the Toro 74953 G3 Commercial Series Lawn Mower and the Toro 74951 G3 Commercial Series Lawn Mower.

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