Toro Z Master Z400

The Toro Z Master Z400 zero turn lawn mower is marketed towards commercial users for a variety of reasons; it has a massive fuel tank which means less refills. It also has an incredibly strong construction to help prevent any possible damage from occurring during operation. There is a choice of 2 different mower decks on the Z 400 Z-Master. The smaller deck has a cutting width of 48 inches while the larger deck is 4 inches wider with a cutting width of 52 inches. The decks are both made from 7 gauge steel which makes these machines more expensive than equivalent sized Toro zero turn mowers from different lines. But even though they are more expensive, they last longer. Each of the deck options on the Z400 houses 3 blades. These blades are made from quarter inch thick steel that has been heat treated to stay sharper for longer. The mower decks both have a number of anti scalping wheels attached to keep the mower deck moving smoothly over your lawn without the risk of it ‘scalping’ or scraping the ground.The deck can be raised and lowered from a high of 4.5 inches down to a low of 1.5 inches above the ground.

The engine that powers the mower deck on the Toro Z Master Z400 has a power output of 19 hp. This engine is a twin cylinder Kawasaki. It comes with the option of a canister type air filter to clean the air intake before it mixes with the fuel. The engine uses a fully pressurized lubrication system to keep it working smoothly. Using a combination of Hydro-Gear hydraulic pumps and Parker wheel motors, the operator can control how much power each rear wheel receives from the engine using the lap bars in front of him.

The top speed of the Toro Z Master Z400 going forwards is 11.6 kph (7.2 mph) and in reverse it can reach 7.4 kph (4.2 mph). Similar models to the Z 400 include the Toro Z Master Z450 zero turn lawnmower.

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