Toro Z Master Z450

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The Toro Z Master Z450 zero turn lawn mower is a commercial zero turn mower. This machine is a bit more expensive than equivalent sized zero turn mowers due to it’s sturdier construction. The frame is made from 0.25 inch thick steel that will prevent deformations and any potential breakages even under the heaviest loading and stresses. The mower deck is a special ‘Turbo Force’ construction which again is built to withstand most serious knocks and hits during operation. There is a choice of 2 fairly similar sized decks for the Z 450. The smaller has a cutting width of 48 inches, while the larger has a cutting width of 52 inches.

The engine that powers the deck on the Toro Z Master Z450 zero turn lawn mower is a Kawasaki that produces 21 hp. This is a twin cylinder engine that features overhead valves and a fully pressurized lubrication system to keep the working parts working properly. The fuel tank that supplies the engine can hold up to 38 liters (10 US gallons) allowing for long and uninterrupted mowing sessions. The engine brings power to the rear wheels through a dual hydrostatic transmission setup. This gives the Z 450 Z-Master a top speed of 13 kph (8.1 mph) going forwards, while in reverse it can hit a top speed of 9 kph (5.6 mph).

The rear wheels on the Toro Z Master Z450 lawnmower power and turn the machine. They have a turf thread and each measure 23×9.5-12 (23 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter). The front castor wheels keep the deck balanced and are designed to allow for ease of movement. They each measure 13×5-6 (13 inch diameter, 5 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter). Other similar sized Z Master lawn mowers include the likes of Toro Z Master Z550 and the Toro Z Master Z300 mowers.

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