Simplicity Legacy XL

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The Simplicity Legacy XL ride on lawn mower is the biggest tractor lawnmower available from Simplicity. It’s also highly customizable to your specific needs. You can choose from a range of 3 different 27 hp engines. There is also the choice of whether you want 2WD drive if you are not going to be particularly taxed with the terrain you will be operating it on or you can opt for the 4WD version if you are going to be working on difficult terrain. The LegacyXL uses a hydrostatic transmission which means that you never have to spend time messing around with changing gears. Instead the only thing that you need to worry about is how far you press down on the foot pedal.

The top speed of the Simplicity Legacy XL is a fairly impressive 14.5 kph (9 mph) when traveling forwards, while in reverse it has a top speed of 8.9 kph (5.5 mph). In the event that you have to operate the LegacyXL on wet or fragile soil, you needn’t be worried about the wheels tearing up the ground as it comes with a differential lock as standard. Controlling how fast you are traveling and slowing down is achieved using quality internal wet disc brakes. You’ll also appreciate the 12 volt socket on this model which means that you can plug in a radio or even charge your phone during operation.

The minimum turning radius of the Simplicity Legacy XL when in 4WD mode is 1.4 m (55 inches). When 4WD is turned off and you are operating in 2WD mode, it has a minimum turning radius of 0.84 m (35 inches). The total weight of the LegacyXL comes to 444.5 kg (980 lbs). There is a choice of mower deck on the lawnmower. You can choose from 48 inch, 54 inch, 60 inch or 72 inch mower decks. There is also a number of attachments that are compatible with this model. Similar models to this one are the Simplicity Prestige and the Simplicity Conquest lawnmowers.

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