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The Simplicity Conquest garden tractor lawnmower is similar in a lot ways to both the Simplicity Legacy XL and the Simplicity Prestige lawn mowers except that it’s not quite as powerful. The Conquest has a choice of engines when you are buying it brand new. The first is a Courage engine built by Kohler which provides 23 hp. The second choice is a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Lawn Mower that gives 24 hp. Both engines are started by a 12 volt battery that provides 240 cold cranking amps. Both engines transfer power to the wheels via a Tuff Torq K 66 hydrostatic transmission, which means no gear changing during operation.

This hydrostatic transmission gives the Simplicity Conquest a top speed of 9.8 kph (6.1 mph) going forwards. When it’s reversing, it has a top speed of 4.8 kph (3 mph). Speed is controlled by a foot operated accelerator. The minimum turning radius of the Conquest is just 18 inches which makes operating it in very confined spaces a breeze. The rear tires measure 23×10.5-12 (23 inch diameter, 10.5 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter) while the front tires measure 16×6.5-8 (16 inch diameter, 6.5 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter).

The mower deck on the Simplicity Conquest with the Kohler engine has a cutting width of 46 inches. The mower deck on the model with the Briggs & Stratton engine has a cutting width of 52 inches. Each mower deck consists of 3 blades instead of one large one which makes for a much better cut. The mower deck on both models can be raised and lowered from 1 inch above the ground to 3.75 inches above the ground. The raising and lowering of the mower deck is done electrically which means that it has an infinite number of cutting heights. The Conquest has cruise control as standard as well as an hourmeter so you can tell when next to get it serviced. Click Here to buy the Simplicity Conquest.

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One Review of the “Simplicity Conquest”

  1. Rodney Bunkers says:

    My experience has not been good. The blower does not perform well. The electronic dash leaves something to be desired & now the front axle shaft broke. Good thing for the warrenty.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Power steering and tilt wheel are 2 very nice items on the Conquest.
    The limited slip diff. & the diff. lock have been beneficial when on ice, in deep snow and when mowing & turning on side hills. Easy to do maintenance on. Very comfortably to ride.
    Cons: Electronic dash has a clock which is almost impossible to set the correct time of day. It also has an hour meter & a PTO hour meter so you can see the difference between running time & working time. I have more time on the tractor than there is with the PTO enguaged & both show the same amt of hours. Yesterday while mowing the left front wheel locked up. It would be ok when in reverse. This morning my dealer found a broken front axle. There is only about 15 hours on the tractor.
    Attachments: 52″ mower works very well. The grass got a little tall this time & it did a very nice job of mowing. The electronic heigth adjustment is a very nice feature. Mower is very easy to remove & install.

    42″ snowblower is in my opinion is a joke. We had any where from 1″ to 14″ of snow & every time I would blow a path up the driveway (which is concrete & up hill) the blower would throw any where fron a trace to several inches of snow over on the pass I just blew. My dealer talked to the factory & after several phone calls they admitted several other dealers had the same complaint. They sent me a new blower with as they say modifications. It is better but still does the same thing.

    Modifications: The snowblower has a 6″ discharge chute & in my opinion it is not big enough to get rid of all the snow the auger gives it. My old snowblower was also a 42″ wide blower. It has an 8″ discharge chute & I never had this kind of problem. What snow the auger brought in the chute would get rid of without throwing it into the cleared area. Also the angle of the chute is electricley controlled & the chute will freeze up & it will not turn.

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