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The Simplicity Broadmoor garden tractor lawnmower is not quite as big and powerful as the likes of the Simplicity Prestige or the Simplicity Conquest lawnmowers, but it’s still very well capable of handling medium to long grass. When buying the Broadmoor brand new, you have a choice of 3 different engines that it comes with, all designed and built by Briggs & Stratton, which are all fairly similar. The first is a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, 2 cylinder engine that produces 20 hp. The second is a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series, 2 cylinder engine that also produces 20 hp. The third choice is a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series that produces 22 hp. All of these three engines are started by a 12 volt battery that produces 230 cold cranking amps.

There is only one choice for transmission on the Simplicity Broadmoor. That is a Tuff Torq K57 Hydro hydrostatic transmission. This hydrostatic gearbox makes operating the lawnmower very easy due to the fact that there is no gear changing required. You simply need to just use the accelerator to speed up or reverse and the brake to slow down. The top speed of the Broadmoor is 9.3 kph (5.8 mph).

Depending on the engine being used, the size of the mower deck that the lawnmower comes with varies. The Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engine that produces 20 hp is accompanied with a 46 inch mower deck as standard. The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Series engine that produces 20 hp is accompanied by a 52 inch mower deck. The lawn mower with the 22hp engine comes with a 44 inch mower deck as standard. The height of the mower deck is easily adjustable from a maximum height of 3.75 inches to a low of 1 inch above the ground. The adjustments are made electrically which is a little different as most lawnmowers have a hand operated lever to change the height of the mower deck. Click Here to buy the Simplicity Broadmoor.

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7 Reviews of the “Simplicity Broadmoor”

  1. Andy Thorburn says:

    Mower deck poorly engineered w/ single belt routing over idler pulley. At less than full height, belt must flex over idler leading to increased wear and hopping off idler. Belt is not normally stocked by dealer and very expensive! Grass discharges well w/o clogging, electric height adjustment subject to gear wear.

    Year of Manufacture: 2018
    Pros: Starts easily w/ choke integrated into throttle. Only starts when throttle wide open. Races on a cold engine!
    Cons: Belt wear rapidly, only starts at full throttle

  2. Tom Loungo says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2017
    Pros: starts right up
    Cons: clogs up and have to stop several times to unclog the shoot. neighbors have one a yea or two older than mine and he cuts his lawn with ease, other neighbor has a deer and no issues other has a cub bagger and no issues, other has a cub zero turn, i’m the only one getting frustrated EVERY TIME IM ON THIS MACHINE. I hate mowing my lawn with this $4200.00 machine, besides the normal stopping to empty the bags I have to stop 4-6 times to unclog the shoot not mater what height I cut at. if I leave the deck all the way up it clogs, if I put it down it clogs. am so disappointed in this 2017 SIMPLICITY BROADMOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Charles Ricky Freeman says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Good power,good mowing deck,easy to change oil and filter but filter does leave some oil on frame that is easy to clean up with shop towel, gas milage could be better, engine turns over and takes 5 to 10 seconds to crank and I use the B&D fuel additives for the ethanol we have in our regular gas here in NC. Overall I am pleased with my Simplicity Broadmoor with the turbo grass catcher. I have read where some have said that there engines use oil but I have no problems with oil consumption with my B&S 20 hp engine with a 46 inch mowing deck.
    Cons: The reverse is very slow and seems to be getting to the point it does not work on steep banks.
    Attachments: Turbo grass catcher with three bags and does a awesome job with grass and leaves in fall.

  4. Doc Leduc says:

    Right at the moment it’s not really anything I can say in public forum since I found this site looking for a new &$*&@#^ mower…., but I’m starting to feel better and better now…..

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Well…the older 16hp Briggs twin died at 352 hours right on schedule it looks like. If we can pile three of ’em up we’ll have a whole ton+ of scrap metal that’s at least worth hauling off…

    Seriously, the deck and overall build is OK but when the things started smoking more and more (yep, kept oil/filter changed, leveled) it became fairly apparent oil was blowing past the rings more and more until it finally ‘hit the bed suddenly’, assuming one cyl completely died.

    Cons: Overall it ran faster backwards, mowed fairly well w/o lots of scalping on yard ‘humps’, hilly terrain etc., and was Ok enough for…353 hours for 3400.00 in ’06 – ummm… You might want to think of how many mtd’s you can throw away at that annual rate…., cheaper the changing blades and oil since they’re all pretty damn well junked out these days (2013)
    Attachments: ….Need a deck w/ a brand new leaf attachment and a recent blade change? 413.296.4312 b4 the metal guy comes by……, let’s talk! I’ll toss in some sheet metal, tires, and some other spare parts – let’s say, free.
    Modifications: nope

  5. Robert says:

    See above. My experience is certainly not typical. Even the dealer is shocked, but if one more person tells me “well this shouldn’t happen” I may hit someone. I spent almost $4k not that long ago, and it is now crap.

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: Nice cutting machine. Easy to use and very quiet when running. Add some suitcase weights and with the traction control it is very good on slight to moderate slopes.
    Cons: with less than 350 hours the engine has seized. briggs and Stratton, the parent company of simplicity, does not make the 20hp vanguard engine model that I have, so even if I wanted to spend $2k to replace it, I can’t get the engine. Essentially I now have a 500 pound push mower.

    Just an fyi, I perform all work myself, on all my equipment. I have cars last over 200,000 miles, a troy-bilt tiller with 15 years of service and no signs of slowing down, a 1977 VW bus that I regularly drive. My old Wheel Horse lasted 15 years before I gave it to my son, at it still runs. My point is that I know what I am doing when it comes to caring for engines. The service and lack of any ability to help from Simplicity or Briggs is frustrating at best.

  6. Mike (Dayton Ohio) says:

    My frist hand experince has been great with this mower; starts 1st time every time. Don’t know what problems Rich was having with his Simplicity; if you say something negative be specific.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: I have the 20hp Broadmoor with 46″ deck with a few comments:
    1) Outstanding deck removal WITHOUT tools!!!! (True SIMPLICITY)…takes 5 minutes…lower deck, unlatch two chains, remove belt from drive pulley, pull on spring-latch to unhook between front wheels…your done!
    2) The 20hp engine is the Briggs and Stratton Vangard Commerical OHV model is extremely well built and a proven design. This motor is made in Japan and is stamped as such on the motor. This model has separate choke and throttle; which is a nice feature for starting during cold weather.
    3) Turning radius is great; 18 inches…who needs all wheel turning.
    4) Steering is very low effort; don’t need power steering.
    5) Frame is 10-Gauge steel with pivoting cast iron front axle
    6) Rear turf tire is 22×10-10 with electric height of cut adjustment.
    7) Three cutting blades on 46″ steel deck with fully servicealbe blade and arbor with grease fittings.

    Cons: none.
    Attachments: Agri-Fab smart link: plug aerator, tine de-thatcher, blade aerator, lawn sweeper.
    Modifications: none

  7. Rich Bohlinger says:

    mowing 2 acres

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: comfortable to mow. ease of operating.
    Cons: always break down , very expensive to fix , bought new take great care of machine and always$ 200 to$ 400 to fix and less then 300 hrs on it, i think it is a high priced piece of junk, i now have about $4600 in it 5 yrs . could have had 5 new $1000 fleet farm mowers and 1 of those would likely be just running fine,,, so save your money folks. this was a big purchase for me and i got took…
    Attachments: none
    Modifications: none

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