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The Kubota L45 utility tractor is from the TLB series of machines produced by Kubota. There are smaller, less powerful models in the TLB series that include the Kubota B26 or the Kubota L39 tractors, but if you happen to be looking for something that’s a bit more powerful in the TLB series, you may be interested in the Kubota M59 tractor. The engine that powers the L45 tractor is a 4 cylinder diesel with a max power output of 45 hp. This engine has a total displacement of 2.197 liters and has a rated speed of 2700 rpm. The PTO on this tractor has a max power of 32 hp. The engine gets it’s diesel from a fuel tank that has a capacity to hold up to 45 liters (11.9 US gallons).

The Kubota L45 utility tractor powers the wheels using a hydrostatic HST Plus transmission. This transmission makes operating the tractor quite easy as there is minimal gear changing (there is 3 ranges on this vehicle, Hi, Med, Lo). The HST Plus hydrostatic gearbox gives the L45 tractor a top speed of 24 kph (14.9 mph) when traveling forwards. Slowing down on this tractor is easy thanks to a wet disc braking system. The engine also powers the hydraulics system. This hydraulics system which has a pumping capacity of 94.9 l/min (25 US gallons per minute) powers the rear 3 point hitch (category 1) which has a max safe lifting capacity of 1250 kg (2756 lbs). A number of different implements from two stage snowblowers to mower decks can be attached to the rear of the tractor.

The backhoe that is compatible with the Kubota L45 tractor has a maximum digging force of 5825 lbs. The loader that is compatible with the L 45 has a maximum lifting capacity of 1292 kg (2848 lbs). The total weight of the loader attachment comes to 472 kg (1040 lbs).

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