Kubota L39

The Kubota L39 utility tractor is much more powerful than the likes of the Kubota B26 tractor. It gets it’s power from a 3 cylinder diesel engine. This diesel engine has a rated speed of 2700 rpm. The size of the engine comes in at 1.826 liters. This engine gets it’s fuel from a tank that can hold a maximum of 40 liters (10.6 US gallons) of diesel. While the engine in the L 39 has a maximum power output of 39 hp, the PTO has a maximum power of 30.5 hp. Many different implements can be powered by this PTO from rotary tillers to two stage snow blowers.

The engine on the Kubota L39 also powers the hydraulics system, giving it a total pumping capacity of 88.7 liters/min (23.4 US gallons per minute). This enables the 3 point (category 1) rear hitch on the L39 to have a maximum lifting capacity of 1270 kg (2800 lbs). The engine also obviously powers the wheels on the tractor. It does this through a GST gear shift gearbox. This gearbox has 12 speeds going forwards, while when it’s reversing it has 8 different speeds. This gearbox set up gives the tractor a top speed of 23.6 kph (14.7 mph) going forwards.

The wheelbase of the Kubota L39 utility tractor comes in at 1.75 m (69 inches). It is capable of taking a rear mounted backhoe and a front end loader which are particularly useful if you need to dig holes or transport materials around you farm or property. Many people thoroughly enjoy using the L39 tractor as you do not have to constantly change gears on it. It also is capable of performing a wide variety of jobs. However the one drawback that a lot of people find with this tractor is that it’s not incredibly powerful. The solution to this is to just use a more powerful machine from Kubota.

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