Kubota B26

The Kubota B26 utility tractor is from the TLB series of tractors from Kubota. The tractor itself has a gross power output of 26 hp. This is a 3 cylinder diesel engine that has a rated speed of 2800 rpm. The engine has a displacement of 1.123 liters. The fuel tank that supplies the engine with diesel has the capacity to hold up to 31 liters (8.2 US gallons). This engine powers the wheels through a HST hydrostatic transmission. This hydrostatic transmission gives the B26 infinite speeds of 3 different ranges (Hi, Med and Lo). In Hi gear, the tractor has a top speed of 17.8 kph (11.1 mph).

The engine on the Kubota B26 also powers the hydraulics system. The hydraulics on this utility tractor have a maximum pump capacity of 42.3 liters/min (11.2 US gallons per minute). This system powers the rear 3 point hitch (category 1). It gives the rear hitch a maximum safe lifting capacity of 760 kg (1676 lbs). A backhoe can be attached to the rear of the B 26. This backhoe has a max digging force of 4211 lbs. The total width of the backhoe 1.37 m (53.7 inches). It has a max loading height of 1.96 m (77.3 inches). A front end loader can be attached to the tractor too. This loader has a maximum lifting capacity of 590 kg (1300 lbs). The total weight of the loader on it’s own comes to 285 kg (628 lbs).

The Kubota B26 comes with a 4 post roll bar system (ROPS) to help protect the operator in the off chance that the tracotr tips over. Similar models to this one in the TLB series include the Kubota L39 utility tractor. The B26 is a very useful and handy utility tractor. However the one drawback it that it’s not particularly powerful. If you have ever owned or operated one of these tractors, then please leave a review of it below to let others know what it’s like to use and own one.

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3 Reviews of the “Kubota B26”

  1. Smokeydog says:

    We love this little tractor. Easy to use particularly with novice operators. Easy to remove front bucket for mowing. Stable and powerful on our hilly farm. Great cleanup for brush and trees. Have bigger tractors but this one is easy to use. Backhoe is easy to take on and off. 3pt mods make using rear attachments much easier. I can pick up a pencil with the front grapple making brush cleanup easy. The cost is high but averaged over the next 20 years of being able to take care of our property safely is very reasonable.

    Year of Manufacture: 2016
    Pros: Need to replace a Kubota B20 we had for 20 years. Great tractor and engine gave out after 4K hours.Used for finishing mowing and loader work on 140 acre hobby farm in east TN. Tried several alternatives but all were lacking. Bought a newly new B26, 3 QA backhoe buckets, thumb with 50 hours. Love the extra HP, flat deck, QA FEL bucket, backhoe attachment. My wife does most of the mowing so needed a safe machine.
    Cons: Cost. They aren’t cheap.
    Weak 3pt adjustment.
    No parking brake indicator.
    Weak Armor on front end.
    No tool box.
    Attachments: 3rd valve for FEL. Grapple is the greatest attachment.
    Wicked grapple for FEL.
    Danuser Termiidator grapple
    6′ finish mower 3pt
    4′ bushhog
    6′ graderblade
    Modifications: Added 3rd valve for loader grapple.
    2″ rear wheel extensions.
    Ballast in rear tires.
    Pat’s QA hooks for 3pt hitch, pin adjust sway bars, leveling box.
    Grooved R4 tires to improve traction
    Parking brake indicator light, custom.
    Increased armor on front end for brush and limbs.
    Tool box.
    Fire Extinguisher.
    Still need to fab a skid plate to protect underbelly.

  2. Sammy Lawson says:

    Awful experience with dealer and Kubota representatives

    Year of Manufacture: 2016
    Pros: steers good
    Cons: runs with xstream noise and vibration . Poor cutting hard to adjust. Uncomfortable seat .. Warranty worse than none both with dealer and Kubota . Price extreme .
    Attachments: Mowing deck very noisy and grinding . three point lift and loader very weak and cheap made materials
    Modifications: deck and hydraulics need work

  3. Ken Hoffman says:

    This is not your large project land excavator , how ever for the land owner like myself and even a commercial landscape and irrigation company the B26 is actually for its size and class quite the little work horse and like I mentioned before its size gives the B26 the ability to get in and out of where a big backhoe can not but yet is able to do a big bunch of work saving your Back and your Sack . I now close my review with no negative feed back aside of my personal quirks .

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: I bought my B26 TLB for home use on 5.5 acres in N.C. Washington for landscaping and maintaining my land Irrigation ect., and have found nothing I need to do that my B26 could not handle and even some things I did not really need to do but did anyway like cut in a road to the top of our property on a steep hillside with little dirt and a lot of granite. Not being very experienced I had a few times my rear puckered up but the B26 made it threw and was actually a great tractor to learn how to maneuver on steep hillside places that I had no reason to be up on to begin with . I believe that the earlier mentioned phrase o0f ( not being particularly powerful ) should be asked to consider the B26 for what it is and the class it is in and compare to any other make in the same class as the B26 and that answer might change. It is small enough to get in and out of tight places and I can actually pull it inside my standard size 2 car garage and close the door.
    Cons: There are two things I dislike about my B26TLB . The first one being when turning the seat 180 to operate the backhoe you pretty much have to get out or do some fancy hop-scotching around , where as in a larger machine you just sit and spin. The one other thing I don’t really care for is the fuel cap is located at the top center of the hood so your almost always likely to spill some fuel especially when refueling from a fuel can, which is pretty much all the time in my case. Never the less those are two small little things compared to the many things I love about my B26.
    Attachments: 60″ quick release bucket w/ bolt on blade . Backhoe with hydraulic thumb
    Modifications: Enclosed cab with removable doors . A 2 speed oscillating cab fan and a cab heater.

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