Kubota B2320

The Kubota B2320 compact tractor is a useful and versatile machine. It gets it’s power from a Kubota D1005 3 cylinder engine. This engine is liquid cooled and has a displacement of 1.001 liters. The output from the engine is 23 hp and it’s prevented from overheating through a liquid cooling system. The Kubota engine on the B 2320 uses a forced, pressurized lubrication system to keep all the moving parts thoroughly lubricated and to prevent wear and tear. The engine has a dual paper air filter to scrub the air intake of particulate matter before it enters into the combustion chambers.

There is a choice of gearboxes on the Kubota B2320 tractor. One is a HST hydrostatic which gives the the tractor infinite speeds over 3 ranges (Hi, Med, Lo). The hydrostatic transmission gives it a top speed of 18.9 kph (11.7 mph). The other is a gearbox that gives the B 2320 9 speeds going forwards and 3 for reversing. This gearbox gives it a top speed of 18 kph (11.2 mph). Even though this is a fairly small tractor, you will be glad to know that it comes with a differential lock as standard which means that turning on soft ground will not tear it up (perfect for use on lawns).

There are a number of implements that can be attached to the Kubota B2320. For cutting grass, you can attach a 3 blade, mid mounted mower deck that has a cutting width of either 54 or 60 inches. At the rear, a backhoe can be attached, while at the front of the tractor, a front end loader can be attached.If you are looking for slightly more powerful tractors than this one, then you might find the Kubota B2620 or even the Kubota B2920 compact utility tractors to be quite useful. There is also a variant of the B 2320 tractor. This is a the narrow Kubota B2320 that obviously has different dimensions.

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One Review of the “Kubota B2320”

  1. Jerry S says:

    This the 3rd Kubota tractor I’ve own. I guess that speaks for itself

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: Good little tractor. I have a mower and loader . Plenty of power for the loader. Fits my needs well. I have acreage so 7-8 hours to mow + use the loader a lot. No major problems todate 5/12.
    Cons: Seat is coming apart. Floor mat has torn and been replaced. If you buy a loader, there is a bracket that cross under the oil pan that has to be removed to access the plug. I machined a hole in the bracket.
    Attachments: Mower is a bit of a pain to put on. It has “quick” releases, but you need to carfully align it up before the pins go in the mower brackets. The power take off is a real pain to get on. If you have rough ground to mow, the gage wheels don’t turn and if they hit a mound during a turn they plow the turf. I have had to weld 2 back on. I have had a pull be hind and might consider going back to that next time.
    Loader ,no problems, easy off and on built very well. Be sure to add solution to the rear tires if you get a loader
    Modifications: Modified a loader bracket that crosses beneath the oil pan. I drilled a hole in the bracket to access the oil plug

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