Kubota B2620

The Kubota B2620 compact utility tractor is part of the B series from Kubota that also includes the Kubota B2320 and the Kubota B2920 tractors. The B 2620 is a very versatile and useful machine. It can be used as a lawnmower thanks to a mid mounted mower deck that can be attached to it and connected to the mid PTO. This mower deck has a cutting width of either 54 or 60 inches, depending on the model you choose. It houses 3 blades. The deck can be raised and lowered from a high of 4 inches above the ground to a low of just 1 inch above the ground. This raising and lowering of the mower deck is done with a dial gauge.

As well as a mower deck, the Kubota B2620 tractor can also accommodate a BH65 backhoe which is attached to the rear of the tractor. This backhoe has a maximum digging depth of 2.03 m (80 inches). The front of the B 2620 can take a LA364 front end loader. This front loader has a lifting capacity of 432 kg (952 lbs) and is a handy piece of kit to have if you are doing more than just mowing grass and towing things around your garden/small farm. Don’t forget that there is also a category 1, 3 point hitch on this tractor. You are also able to attach snowblowers and front blades to this tractor.

The Kubota D1105 engine that powers the Kubota B2620 is diesel powered and has an output of 26 hp. It utilizes a forced lubrication system to keep the moving parts from wearing and has a displacement of 1.123 liters. The fuel tank supplying the engine with diesel has a capacity to hold up to 26 liters (6.9 US gallons) of diesel. The B2620 uses a hydrostatic transmission that has three ranges (Hi, Med and Lo) and gives the tractor a max speed of 20.2 kph (12.6 mph).

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