Kubota B2920

The Kubota B2920 compact utility tractor is one of the bigger machines in the B series of compacts. If it’s something smaller that you are after, then you may be interested in taking a look at the Kubota B2630 or the Kubota B2320 compact utility tractors. The engine that powers the B2920 is a diesel fueled Kubota D1305. This 3 cylinder motor has a total size of 1.261 liters. The engine is liquid cooled using a pressurized radiator to prevent overheating and a pressurized, forced lubrication system. The air intake is filtered through a dual element air filter which removes particulate matter that has the potential to clog the combustion chambers.

The transmission on the Kubota B2920 tractor is a hydrostatic HST which has infinite speeds and operates over 3 ranges (Hi, Medium and Lo). It uses a dry single plate clutch to switch between the 3 ranges. The B 2920 can be rapidly slowed down using a wet disc braking system. The weight of the tractor, without any attachments comes to 705 kg (1554 lbs). It’s wheelbase measures 1.56 m (61.5 inches) and it has a total length of 2.42 m (95.1 inches). The tractor is fairly nimble in confined areas. It has a minimum turning radius of 2.1 m when the brakes are being used.

The Kubota B2920 also has a rear hitch. This is a category 1, 3 point hitch that has a rear lifting capacity of 615 kg (1356 lbs). Even though the B-2920 is a small tractor, it can still accommodate a large array of attachments. You can use it in the winter to clear snow by attaching either a 50 inch or 51 inch snow blower. Or if you want, you can attach a 60 inch front blade to clear debris. There is also a front mounted rotary broom (either 47 inches wide or 56.5 inches wide) that can be attached to sweep and clean driveways and other surfaces.

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3 Reviews of the “Kubota B2920”

  1. Mike says:

    This has been a great tractor to have and use. Front end loader has been very handy and I have used it extensively. Have the 48″ Landpride pull behind mower and the tractor is able to run it without any effort.
    When the bucket is loaded heavily and the rear tires spin, I slip it into 4WD and the tractor does whatever I ask it to do. Sometimes it is a little to big for what I need and sometimes it is a little too small for what I need, but overall it is just what I need for my purposes.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Reliability, ease of use, noise level, just a great tractor
    Attachments: LA364 front loader
    Landpride RCR1548 mower

  2. John says:

    I love Kubota’s. They have ALWAYS exceeded my expectations and that is so hard to find in anything you buy anymore.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: There are too many pro’s to list but first off let me say it’s a Kubota! It outpreforms all my wildest expectations and is a very “beefy” tractor. It has more power than is does traction, when I first got it they had a 60″ box blade on it and it would just sit and spin the tires after I got the 54″ it was a perfect match (Woods 54″) and will pull it with ease. Starts easily in the Winter (have block heater) and pushes snow like no other little tractor could. 0% interest makes it a great investment. YES Kubota’s are expensive to get your first one BUT they hold their value, go find a GOOD dealer and work with them and you can move up over the years if you take good care of your tractor and keep it nice and you will have a workhorse that won’t let you down for years to come. I have had 4 Kubota’s over the last 10 years and have NEVER had a breakdown! WOW! Built in Georgia too which makes me feel better about them.
    Cons: The “manual” clutch, it was a total suprise after having only hydraulic clutches on all the other ones. It is hard to get the PTO engaged without grinding gears! It is the only real downer about the tractor but I can live with it, just take your time engaging and let the attachment come to a TOTAL STOP before shutting off.
    The foreward & reverse pedal sticks and that can be dangerous. You have to really watch it when you are close to buildings and things when it is very cold out!
    Attachments: BSS54 Woods box blade
    LA364 Loader
    60″ belly mower RCK60-29B
    Land Pride 42″ rotary mower (too small)
    Modifications: NONE, NEVER!!

    • Steve says:

      I will never ever buy another Kubota – these machines have a serious design fault in that the cooling system is totally inadequate and Kubota will not warrant overheating issues when their cooling system is to blame.

      Year of Manufacture: 2012
      Pros: Good size
      Cons: Totally inadequate cooling system
      Attachments: 60″ mower deck
      Modifications: None

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