John Deere 7430

The John Deere 7430 is apart of the JD 7030 small frame series. Other models in the series include the John Deere 7230 and the John Deere 7330 tractors, although they are both slightly smaller and less powerful. There is actually a choice of 2 engines to power the JD 7430. Both have very similar dimensions. One is a PowerTech E model while the other is a PowerTech Plus model which have both been designed and built in house by John Deere. Both engines are 6 cylinder which produces 166 hp. The engines are kept from overheating by a liquid cooling system that requires 28 liters of coolant to fill it fully from empty. The engines are both turbocharged and both have a total displacement of 6.8 liters. They both use a dual paper air filter to purify the air intake.

Power from the engine on the John Deere 7430 reaches the wheels through a choice of 3 transmissions. The easiest of these transmissions to use is the IVT (infinite variable transmission) which requires little gear changing. The other 2 choices are a PowrQuad Plus transmission that gives the tractor 16 gears going forward as well as 16 when reversing, while the last choice is an AutoQuad Plus which gives the tractor 20 forward and reverse speeds.

One of the nicest features of the John Deere 7430 is the ComfortGard cab. This cab that comes with the tractor has fantastic visibility with very few blind spots. It also does a very good job of reducing the sound inside the cab so as not to irritate or distract the driver. The 3 point hitch at the rear of the tractor is a category 3 hitch that can safely lift a maximum load of up to 4808 kg (10,600 lbs). This tractor first enterd production in 2007 in John Deere’s production facilities in both Germany and the US. It comes with a very large fuel tank that can hold up to 302.8 liters (80 US gallons) of diesel.

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One Review of the “John Deere 7430”

  1. J & N Lukassen SENC says:

    Motor didn’t sound right. Cleaned injectors.
    PTO of $6,000
    Small motor on turbo
    Now the transmission.

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Cons: Always broken.

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