John Deere 7630

The John Deere 7630 tractor is the smallest model in the JD 7030 large frame series. If you are after something that’s a little bigger and more powerful, then you might be interested in the John Deere 7730 or the John Deere 7830 tractors. The engine powering the JD 7630 is designed and built in house by John Deere. It’s a PowerTech Plus, 6 cylinder engine that is liquid cooled. The air filter on this engine is a dual paper element filter that prevents dust and particulate matter from entering into the combustion chamber. Keystarting the engine is achieved using a 12 volt battery that is then recharged by a 200 amp alternator once the engine is running.

There is a choice of 3 different gearboxes that you can get with the John Deere 7630. The one that offers the most gears is a AutoQuad Plus transmission that gives the tractor 20 speeds going forwards and 20 in reverse also. The PowrQuad Plus transmission offers the operator 16 gears going forward and in reverse. However if you are not a fan of constantly changing gears, then the infinitely variable transmission may suit you best as it offers infinite speeds both going forwards and in reverse with minimal gear changing.

Keeping the John Deere 7630 balanced when hauling large loads and machinery is fairly straightforward thanks to a range of ballasting options. You can attached ballast to the JD 7630 in a number of ways, to the wheels as well as to the front or back using Quik-Tatch suitcase weights. You can also add liquid ballast to the tires of the tractor. Customizing the tractor is very easy before you buy it as there are a range of optional extras that you can get from light kits to a number of different configurations for the cab.

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One Review of the “John Deere 7630”

  1. James wright says:

    Very poor. I would like my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: None!!!! John Deere 7215R
    They don’t even list this piece of junk on their website.
    Cons: Tractor is the poorest built, poorest designed, and least reliable tractor I have ever seen in more than 40 years! The tractor has spent more time in the dealership than in the field. Lots of electrical glitches,and malfunctions. Latest is at 400hours the sensor for the transmission fails and shuts down the tractor immediately no matter where you are, to fix they will have to remove fuel tank and maybe more, plus I lose tractor for a week in the middle of my busiest season losing thousands of dollars in snowplowing revenue. The tractor is built so that when you mount the front end loader you have to remove the fenders so mud flies all over windshield( real smart). Warranty will be off in 6 months then watch the bills come in.
    Attachments: Front end loader and degelman dozer
    Modifications: None

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