John Deere 7230

The John Deere 7230 is a little bigger than the likes of the John Deere 7130 tractor but it’s not quite as big as the John Deere 7330. The engine powering the JD 7230 is a PowerTech 6068HL280 that is designed an built in house by JD. This engine gives the row crop tractor a maximum power output of 135 hp. It’s liquid cooled by a cooling system that requires up to 33.7 liters of coolant on the model with a cab, while the system only needs 31 liters of coolant on the model with an open operator station. The 6 cylinder engine has a displacement of 6.8 liters. The lubrication system can hold up to 19.7 liters of oil to prevent any of the moving parts from seriously wearing.

Like so many of the current tractors produced by JD, there is a choice of gearboxes. There is a 2 PowrQuad configurations that provide either 16 forward/reverse gears or 24 forward/reverse gears. It also has the choice of a SyncroPlus transmission that gives it 12 forward gears and 4 for reversing. The last choice is a SyncroPlus PowrReverser transmission that gives the JD 7230 16 gears going forwards and 16 in reverse as well. When purchasing this machine, you have a choice of 3 different chassis, a MFWD, 2WD and 4WD which all give the tractor different dimensions. The 2WD version weighs in at 4380 kg (9657 lbs) while the 4WD version tips the scales at 4650 kg (10252 lbs).

The fuel tank on the John Deere 7230 is capable of holding 207 liters (54.7 US gallons) of diesel. However there is the option to upgrade this to 249.8 liters (66 US gallons). The rear hitch on the JD 7230 is a category 2 with a safe rear lifting capacity of 2683 kg (5915 lbs). There is both a premium and regular model of this tractor, both of which are extremely customizable when you are buying them new, so you should always be able to purchase one with the features you desire.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 7230”

  1. Winfried Metzger says:

    mostly standing and waiting for repairs. no joy at all.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: comfortable, powerfull
    Cons: electric cabling malfunctioning,4×4 gearbox trouble, greenstar trouble, display broken 2500hrs, radiator leaking 3300hrs, electric cabling burnt behind engine-poorly protected.
    Modifications: gearbox pip

  2. Dave says:

    Very comfortable and powerful tractor. Good for long days harvesting. Exceeds all expectations 🙂

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: has a comfy seat, very quiet cab, awesome power, excellent suspension giving a smooth ride
    Cons: sunviser is narrow
    Modifications: none

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