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The Husqvarna RZ4623 zero turn lawn mower is a 23 hp machine with a 46 inch mowing deck. The RZ 4623 is also sometimes referred to by it’s model number which is 966 67 82-01. The total width of the 46 inch mower deck actually comes to 1.73 m (68 inches) which is more than 20 extra inches of width. However this is mostly due to the plastic discharge flap which is used to guide the waste grass clippings away from the deck without flying up in the air and potentially hitting someone. The mower deck is constructed from 13 gauge steel and houses 2 small blades that spin at a maximum speed of 16,600 fpm (feet per minute) when measured at the tip of the blade.

husqvarna rz4623The mower deck on the Husqvarna RZ4623 is engaged using an electric clutch and can be raised through 3 inches from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches above the ground using a spring assisted lever system. On the front of the mower deck you will find some small, plastic anti scalping wheels which keep the front edge of the deck from hitting into the ground and possibly scraping it. The mower deck has 6 different operating positions. The engine powering this mower deck is a 23 hp Kohler Courage model that has a displacement of 0.725 liters and is air cooled

This engine also powers the wheels on the Husqvarna RZ4623, passing power to the wheels through a EZT Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission that allows the operator to control the amount of power that each wheel receives independent of the other. If you are looking for a similar sized, but less powerful zero turn mower from Husqvarna, then you should check out the Husqvarna RZ4621 lawnmower, however if it’s something bigger that you are after, then you should consider taking a look at the Husqvarna RZ4824F zero turn mower. Click Here to buy the Husqvarna RZ4623.

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One Review of the “Husqvarna RZ4623”

  1. Joel says:

    I researched before purchasing and decided to leave a review to help others who may be considering a ZTR. My 12 year old JD LT155 recently bit the dust requiring me to make a quick purchase because the grass does not quit growing when the mower is down. Have been pleased with the mower thus far. Mowing my acreage used to take 3 1/2 hrs on the JD LT155. This Zero Turn does the job in less than an hour. .8 to be exact!

    From the ZTR perspective. I have operated several high dollar commercial ZTR’s in the past. I didn’t personally own them because I could never afford the $9000+ price tag. Here are my observations from an ordinary budget minded homeowner. The Husqvarna RZ 4623 is NOT a commercial mower! The controls are not as refined and inputs into the lap bars don’t feel as smooth as a high dollar mower. With commercial mowers, zipping in and around trees, rocks, mulch beds, etc there is no need to slow down. The RZ 4623 is not as precise so a little slower speed is necessary for navigating landscaping obstacles. BUT…I am completely happy with the quality of the cut. For $2500 and some change the mower is priced right and does an excellent job. It’s just not a Cadillac but it doesn’t have a Cadillac price tag either. For the average homeowner like myself I don’t think you can go wrong with the RZ 4623. Kohler engine also has an awesome reputation and I can get oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs just about anywhere. The 23HP is smooth and really nice. Doesn’t blink an eye at thick tall grass, even when cutting up hill. The front end doesn’t articulate however which would be nice if Husqvarna would include that on future models.

    So far the only thing lacking is TRACTION. Coming down hill it slides, even when letting off the controls to slow down first. Forget turning no matter how slow the mower is traveling down hill. The tires simply spin in opposite directions as the mower continues a straight line downhill. Fresh cut grass clippings are also moist which has a negative effect on traction. For the price I’m happy and can afford a set of traction tires for the rear and still be less than the price of a JD or Cub Cadet residential ZTR which have the same traction problems.

    Researched extensively. Cub Cadet RZT 50 seems to have more negative reviews than positive (quality issues). JD zero turns (unless you pay $$$ for commercial version) only offer the Briggs and Stratton engine which I’m personally not a big fan of but thats just my opinion. The JD LT155 that I just retired had the Kohler engine and it was bullet proof.

    You get what you pay for. If you can drop $7000 or more in a commercial ZTR you can have a refined machine capable of doing the same chore that my $2500 Husqvarna does. I’ll give up a little finesse and comfort and save the extra $$$.

    By the way, I cut about 4 acres of uneven terrain. Some gently sloping, some flat, obstacles galore (rock outcroppings, fruit trees, pature fence) In closing..if you do purchase one of these mowers, be careful on downhills no matter how slow, how short or how steep. Once this thing starts sliding it doesn’t stop until it wants to. You don’t wanna ding up a shiny new machine if a tree/ditch/outbuilding is the only thing in front of you! Rear tires are 18×8.5×8. You can Google this info as well and see that more aggressive tires can be found for $60 each. I’m guessing a more aggressive tire will do just as much damage to my yard as 2 slick tires spinning or sliding. But I will be comfortable having more control of where I’m going. Will probably have to be a little more careful in turning with the aggressive tires. If your yard is relatively flat or slightly inclined you have nothing to worry about!

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Fast compared to regular riding mower. Kohler Engine (can get maintenance parts anywhere). Grease zerks accessible. VALUE!
    Cons: Poor Traction. Front end does not articulate.

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