Husqvarna GTH26K54

The Husqvarna GTH26K54 is a very large and powerful machine from the guys at Husqvarna. The engine that powers this monster is a 2 cylinder Courage from Kohler. This engine has a total displacement of 0.726 liters and and stays oiled using a fully pressurized lubrication system. The engine has a paper type air filter which prevents dust from getting into the engine where it can potentially clog it and disrupt the combustion process. The Kohler engine powers the wheels using a hydrostatic transmission which gives the GTH 26K54 infinite speeds going forwards as well as in reverse.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna GTH26K54 is 54 inches wide. The blades are belt driven and are engaged/disengaged using an electric PTO. The mower deck houses 3 blades. The deck can be raised as high as 4 inches above the ground and lowered down to just 1.5 inches above the ground. In total there are 6 different cutting positions. The deck is adjusted using a hand lever that is spring assisted.

The fuel tank on the Husqvarna GTH26K54 can hold a maximum of 15.1 liters (4US gallons) of gasoline. Beside cutting your lawn, this tractor mower is actually fairly versatile. You can attach a snow blower to the front of it during the winter to clear your driveway. You can also pull a utility cart with it on top of using a dethatching moss rake to rid your lawn of moss. There are a number of models that are quite similar to this one. These include the Husqvarna GTH2654 which has the same power and cutting width as the GTH 26K54. There is also the Husqvarna YTH26V54 which again has the same power and mowing width. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below so that others can get a good idea of what they should expect from this lawnmower.

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One Review of the “Husqvarna GTH26K54”

  1. Bob says:

    would buy something else if I had to again… maybe a deer or a cub…. but it is VERY good value for the money… cost about a grand less than a comp Deere….. have only had to have ONE thing fixed on it so far… will need a coil soon but at 250 hours and several years, not a bad thing…. Kohler engine rules…..

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: large frame with big wheels. heavy for good snow blowing application seems to have good power but I think the dealer has the rpm set lower than it should be. bogs down a bit in heavy grass, but I have the maximum lift blades on it which probably produce a bit of resistance beyond the regular cut or mulching overall good setup.
    Cons: transmission backs up VERY slowly…. seems much less than a cub or a deer. headlights are useless. I added others. seat is hard to adjust when shorter mowers get engaged.

    think it could use a few more RPM, but that is probably a dealer adjustment fool up. had a carb problem when I first got it which I attribute to ethanol and it not being used in a long dry hot summer, so it got gunked up. turning radius is good but mower deck often does not FLOAT well enough and scrapes. I guess eventually the yard will level itself out enough to forget the problem.

    at this point, being stored outside in the summer under a cover, the right coil has become intermittent and needs replaced. First issue it has had beyond blower belts… birko blower Not huskie

    drink holder is inadequate….. light switch is ill positioned. aux power station is appreciated. seat is comfortable but arm rests would be nice.

    Attachments: Birko blower of about 46 inches or so… throws snow over into the neighbor across the streets driveway…. very effective however the blower ate belts at the rate of 30 bucks a piece until I had a bushing replaced in an idle wheel…. it had failed prematurely but seems to have been the solution.

    getting the blower off of the tractor is a pain in the ass, but yada yada. it is pretty involved to make the summer to winter change over, the accessory power takeoff is heavy and ill positioned.

    also have a three bag grass catcher from sears. the foot where it attaches to the deck is poorly engineered and clogs in heavy demand grass, but does a good job otherwise…

    best item i put on the tractor is one of those old time wheel spinners that were popular in the 50s which allows one hand steering and the other available for speed control or nose picking or branch protection.

    Modifications: new lights wheel spinner rear end weights for traction with chains and hanging on the back end.

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