Husqvarna GTH2654

The Husqvarna GTH2654 tractor mower is comparable to both the Husqvarna GTH2648 and the Husqvarna YTH26V54 garden tractor lawn mowers in both power and cutting width. The GTH 2654 has a 54 inch wide mower deck. This deck has anti scalping wheels attached to the outer extremity which keep the deck following the contours of the ground you are traveling over, even if you are on a slope. The deck is belt driven. The grass clippings are expelled out the right hand side of the deck unless a bagger is being used which collects the clippings at the back of the lawn mower to keep your lawn looking far cleaner. You can also get a mulcher attachment for this lawn tractor.

The Husqvarna GTH2654 uses a Briggs and Stratton model #446877 gasoline powered engine. This is a twin cylinder model that has a fully pressurized lubrication system to keep everything working well. The lubrication system has an oil filter and can hold up to 1.9 liters of oil. The engine is keystarted with a 12 volt battery. The battery supplies the engine with 280 cold cranking amps to start it. This battery is recharged via a 16 amp alternator.The engine connects to a hydrostatic transmission that is controlled by the operator via the foot pedal. This transmission gives the GTH 2654 a max speed of 9.3 kph (5.8 mph) going forwards, while in reverse it has a top speed of 3.4 kph (2.1 mph).

The fuel tank on the Husqvarna GTH2654 has the capacity to hold up to 18.9 liters (5 US gallons) of gasoline which means that you’ll get far more than 3 hours of continuous operating time before needing to refill it. If you have ever previously operated the GTH 2654, then make sure to leave a review of it below to give others an idea of what they should expect from it.

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4 Reviews of the “Husqvarna GTH2654”

  1. Kurt Malerich says:

    Do yourself a favor and don’t buy one of these Husky mowers. The mower itself is great (My LGT2654 mower has 285 hours on it now.) but the transmissions are total garbage. Unfortunately the same company makes the transmissions for most all the hydrostatic mowers.
    Mine started ‘failing to proceed’ at 50 hours and got steadily worse. When it’s hot it wouldn’t go at all. So googling all the similar complaints online they all stated that the 30 weight oil was too light and should be changed to a heavier oil after break in. This would be easy except there is no drain plug. Changing the oil required completed removal of the trans and inverting it so the oil drained out of the fill cap.
    I did this and it worked great for another 5 hours. Now it is doing the same thing only worse. The dealers all say that you have to buy a new mower (they’ll take your trade for $500) (or at least a transmission about $600 – $1500 depending on how big of a thief the dealer is). So my mower which only has 285hrs is apparently worthless.
    The same thing happened to the Yardman I had before and if you do some research all the brands with these trans have the same issue. I live at 6700’ so I think a major part of the problem is that these mowers/transmissions might be ok for small lots at lower elevations where there is more cooling air. They do not work for long at higher altitudes with 1 acre lots for sure.
    I read a review on another site and the guy had the EXACT same 50 hour failure scenario as mine, high elevation and all. He replaced his trans with a John Deere K71B trans (with some modifications) and it has worked perfectly for him ever since. More research shows the JD trans is also a Tuff Torq but more heavy duty.
    Do your own research on these and find a mower without the Tuff Torq brand of transmission in Husqvarna and other riding mowers.

    UPDATE: Further research shows that the JD trans referenced above is also a Tuff Torq. The bad transmission is the low-end K46 which is the trans installed in most of the Husq and other residential riding mowers. They have notoriously high failure rates, like close to 100%. Just not enough tranny for the real world for this size of mower. The K57/57R, K58, K62, K66 and K71, K72 transmissions are all more heavy-duty and have a much lower failure rate. A later version of the K46 is still the main residential mower transmission. I don’t know if it has been improved or not.
    I thought maybe I would try a new mower with a CVT transmission but research shows them to be no better with very high failure rates.
    So my next move will be to buy a more HD Tuff Torq trans and replace the K46. The more HD units are actually cheaper (new) on eBay than used K46s. Looks like an easy (but expensive) swap.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Plenty of power
    Cons: Everything else. Transmission, K46 Tuff Torq is junk. Lasted 50 hours before it started to fail to proceed.
    Attachments: Snow blade
    Modifications: None

  2. Tom Ebacher says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: I have learned a lot a mechanic from having to repair this mower
    Cons: Poor design – anti scalping wheels dig into lawn. rubber chute directs grass into a furrow, deck only lifts from the back leaving the front of the mowing deck near the ground, poor clearance on the mowing deck – tractor gets stuck often,
    Repairs – I have had to stock parts to keep this mower working. It now has 500 hours on it and it is no longer worth fixing. Numerous deck failures, metal fatigue, wheels breaking off, shafts breaking, shaft housings breaking, pulleys twisting off. Engine has sucked in the oil pan gasket twice causing internal damage to the engine.
    Attachments: none

  3. Patrick S. Ash says:

    Originally was discouraged that I couldn’t put changes on, but after six years of use realized I don’t really need them. They would tear up more turf than help. I may have to adjust weight over one wheel to get traction, but mower will go most anywhere I need to. Plenty of power always starts & is dependable. I am completely satisfied with the purchase.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: This mower has been reliable all the way. Always starts,& runs well. It has always been up to the challenge, no matter how big the job. Minimal maintenance, & repairs.
    Cons: Mower deck is difficult to disconnect. Would disconnect easily on a concrete floor, but not too easy on rock or grass.
    Attachments: none
    Modifications: The discharge cover on the mower deck doesn’t let the grass blow out evenly. It puts it in a row through your lawn. My fix I drilled a hole through the deck bolted a 7′ all thread rod in it to hold the cover up.

  4. LB says:

    I am impressed with the power of this tractor. Even in taller grass it will power right through it and leave a nice clean cut.
    Mowing hilly terrain this mower sits and spins because of the turf tires. Because of the design of the tractor it is not possible to change to ag tires on this model and the floating deck is nothing less than a pure annoyance!
    If you don’t have hills and ditches to mow, this is a great tractor, move on to other model if you have anything but flat terrain.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Always starts right up and has plenty of power for heavy grass. The maintanence costs on this mower have been minimal. Repairs have been few.
    Cons: The floating deck is not ideal for our mowing situation. More rear wheel clearence is needed to be able to put ag tires on this tractor for more traction. But the floating deck is also the other drawback, so turf tires is it for this model. Controls are somewhat awkward to use, forward and reverse. I do not like the location. The discharge chute is too lightweight and will not hold itself up. Therefore it balls up the discharged grass and leaves it in rows in taller grass. So it was removed and a metal plate was put in its place.
    Attachments: none
    Modifications: Flimsy rubber discharge chute was removed and replaced with a metal cover to allow the grass to be thrown farther.

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