Husqvarna YTH26V54

The Husqvarna YTH26V54 garden tractor lawn mower is a very similar model to the Husqvarna LGT24K54. However the YTH 26 V54 is a more powerful machine. The engine powering it is a Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that produces 26 hp and is air cooled. The twin cylinder engine has a displacement of 0.724 liters and is key started. This engine is gasoline powered via a fuel tank that can hold up to 11.4 liters (3 US gallons) of gas. Power from the engine gets to the wheels thanks to a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission that makes this lawn tractor an automatic. This means there is no gears, just foot pedals to control the speed of mower.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna YTH26V54 lawn mower is fabricated using stamped steel and has a cutting width of 54 inches. The mower deck has 3 Hi-Performance blades in it to give a very clean and even cut. There are 4 anti scalp wheels located at the front of the mower deck that keep it from scraping and scratching the surface that it’s traveling over. The operator can control the height of the mower deck, raising it from 1.5 inches up to inches above the surface of the ground it’s cutting in 0.5 inch increments. The blade is engaged using an electric clutch.

If you are looking for a smaller and less powerful model of the Husqvarna YTH26V54 lawnmower, then you should consider checking out the Husqvarna YTH23V48 lawn mower. The total weight of the YTH 26 V54 lawn tractor comes to 225.4 kg (497 lbs). This weight is supported on 2 rear wheels which measure 20×8-8 (20 inch diameter, 8 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter) and 2 front wheels which measure 15×6-6 (15 inch diameter, 6 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter). The minimum turning radius of this machine is very reasonable considering it’s size. It comes in at just 16 inches.

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One Review of the “Husqvarna YTH26V54”

  1. Rick H says:

    Overall very happy, but I have only used it a handful of times.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: The machine is well built for a middle of the road lawn tractor. Cruise control sounds good but unless you are mowing football fields I doubt you would ever use it. The tractor has a good muffler and runs quiet with plenty of power. Oil changes are made easy by the fold out drain tube. Deck is made out of heavier gauge steel compared to the $1,500.00 Murrays and MTD’s. The deck has a decent design for air flow and grass lift for a nice even cut.

    Overall, not a bad machine for 2,000.00. I got mine for 1699.00.

    Cons: Smaller rear tire. Should have had a 10″ wide instead of 8.5″.
    Front end seems a little lightweight if you are going to attach a heavy snow plow to it. To save money the choke and throttle are on the same assembly. To get to the choke position the motor is running wide open when it starts (not real good for winter operation) so you need to turn it down to let it warm up at a lower RPM but then the choke is off. Kind of a stupid design. The mulching kit is an option. It should have been thrown in with the tractor.

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