Honda HS520 Snow Blower

There are 2 versions of the Honda HS520 Snow Blower. The Honda HS520A is the model that has a pull cord, recoil starting mechanism. The HS520AS can be started by plugging it in and hitting the electric starting button and it also has the option of the pull cord, recoil mechanism. However other than how they are started, both the Honda HS520A and Honda HS520AS are pretty much identical. They both have the same engine powering them, a Honda designed and built GC160. This is a 0.16 liter engine. The fuel tank for this engine holds up to 1.1 liters (0.3 US gallons) of gasoline which is enough petrol to allow the machine to operate for up to 1 hour and 36 minutes.

The Honda HS520 is a single stage snowblower that is ‘semi self-propelled’. What this means exactly is that the wheels on the snowblower don’t provide any power or forward motion. Instead the auger is what actually pulls the machine forwards. It is in a position where it is just touching the ground. So as the auger rotates, it is constantly gripping the ground and pulling the machine forward and this is how it’s ‘semi self-propelled’. As the auger is gripping the ground, it’s not made from steel, but instead is made from rubber so that it doesn’t scratch the surface it’s cleaning.

The Honda HS520 single stage snow thrower is adequate for most people clearing their driveway, however you may interested be interested in bigger machines that have a clearing width larger than 0.51 m (20 inches). If you are then you might be interested in checking out the Honda HS928WA Snow Blower or even the Honda HS724TA Snow Blower. If you are buying this machine for personal use on a residential property, you can get it with a 2 year warranty. However, if you are buying it for commercial use, the warranty only covers the snow thrower for just 3 months.

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