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Welcome to Tractor Review. The purpose of the site is to give you, the consumer the best information there is on all types of tractors and their related equipment. Here, we will give you information on everything from make, model, power output, where you can find spare parts as well as all the nitty-gritty details. Obviously some people are more interested in certain types of tractor. Of course there is and always will be a massive fan base of John Deere tractors. However here, you will find tips and information on Massey Ferguson, Cub Cadet, Kubota and many other makers of tractors and their related equipment (sprayers, combines, lawn mowers, etc).

So before you go any further, here are a few tips to help you when you are choosing a tractor:

  • If you are buying a second hand tractor, make sure to only buy it if it comes with a full log of previous problems (including hours operated, etc).
  • If you are buying a second hand tractor, get it checked by an independent mechanic. This might sound excessive, but if you are investing a lot of money in farm machinary, then you can’t take risks.
  • Tractor review advises you to go with a known brand name tractor. Why? Simple: getting spare parts is much easier than getting them from some no name manufacturer (who may have already gone out of business).
  • We advise that you make sure you buy a tractor that has a registered mechanic in the vicinity for that specific brand. Again this is to make sure that you are always dealing with quality.

That concludes the first post at tractor review. Please feel free to browse around to look for more great information on specific tractors.

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