Troy Bilt Polar Blast 4510 Snow Blower

The Troy Bilt Polar Blast 4510 Snow Blower is the biggest, baddest, most powerful  snow thrower available from Troy Bilt. This dual stage snow blower has a massive clearing width of 1.14 m (45 inches) and an intake height of 0.56 m (22 inches). This is a truly massive snow blower that you will almost never find in residential settings. Instead, you are much more likely to find it being used by commercial snow clearing contractors and town councils in places like car parks and public footpaths.

The Troy Bilt Polar Blast 4510 snow blower is powered by a 0.42 liter engine that has been designed and built in house by Troy Bilt. This 4 stroke engine drives the wheels and powers both the auger and the impeller. The wheels on the Power Blast 4510 snow thrower are X Trac tires and have a width of 0.17 m (6.5 inches). There are 2 of these wheels on each side of the axle (that means 4 wheels total) to give the the snowblower a lot of grip. They get their power from an all wheel drive transmission that gives the machine 6 speeds when traveling forwards and 2 gears for reversing. You are able to operate the 4510 snowblower with one hand, freeing up the other hand for other tasks.

The frame of the Troy Bilt Polar Blast 4510 snow blower is constructed from 13 gauge steel. Housed inside this frame is the serrated steel auger that has a diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches). This makes light work of the snow and channels it towards the impeller located at the center of the housing. The diameter of the impeller also comes in at 0.41 m (16 inches). This impeller powerfully forces the snow threw the chute and far away from the clearing area. Troy Bilt stand proudly behind his snow blower and provide it with a 2 year warranty. If you are looking for something a little smaller, then check out the Troy Bilt Storm Tracker 2690 XP Snow Blower or the Troy Bilt Storm 3090 XP Snow Blower.

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2 Reviews of the “Troy Bilt Polar Blast 4510 Snow Blower”

  1. George says:

    killer machine for a farm lot or residential open area.
    looks like a Transformer robot, only it’s for real-

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: I purchased this huge machine used, last year.
    As i own a farm lot with a fairly large/wide and yet short area to clear, a typical snowblower is too small. A plow makes a mess of turf and takes up too much room to negotiate. The same is true of a tractor mounted blower. I have the largest Craftsman tractor and the snowblower for it is the same size, but along with rear wieghts would make the entire set-up nearly 10′ long…every time in need to turn around.
    Not so my Polar Blast 4510. It’s not much longer than it is wide and it turns on it’s own axis!! fingertip steering along with FOUR drive wheels put you in control and i prefer to walk and keep warm over sitting on a frigid tractor in the wind. I live in Maine.

    This machine is PERFECTLY designed for anyone with a farmlot such as myself. I never have to fool with anything to mount on my vehicle or tractor. Just clear a giant area and put it away…in spring i can put it in the barn and just fire her up when the snows return.
    Best piece of outdoor power equipment i own.

    I have the Troy-Bilt, but the same unit is available from Sears with a larger engine. Also Cub Cadet, Yardman, etc….

    just got a bunch of slush and it threw like it was nothing!!
    It may seem expensive, but it is worth it if you like to keep your outdoors in good shape and enjoy getting it done.

    Cons: Like all snowblowers, make sure to clear the blower impeller of snow that will melt and refreeze, jamming the auger and frying a belt.

    I start this unit by pull. the plug-in starter works if you need it, but i would prefer a traditional 12v elect. start like on a mower with gel battery or something that won’t freeze.

    Shear pins aren’t cheap and this unit has plenty to break if you hit something solid with the auger. But they are easy to replace.

    Attachments: I have the cab, but don’t use it. I don”t looking through plastic.
    This machine is GIANT. I just wait for the calm after a storm, usually the next morn before the snow warms up, and then just blow it once.
    Driftcutters would probably help, but i have done fine without.
    Chains are not indicated. The thing has loads of traction. There are times when you’d be better off having the wheels spin.
    Modifications: I hate to say this, but it would be nothing to replace the engine with a larger v-twin, say 18hp and then add another auger disk to each side and widen the unit by 9″.
    That would make it a 54″ walk-behind!! and the wheels would not hit the sides of your swath should you need to back up.

    I may add a couple of plexiglass panes to each side as a snow screen.

  2. Tom says:

    5 Winter seasons. 500′ driveway, plus parking area for 7 cars, and two 75′ walkways.

    All maintenance I do myself. If you have simple tools and a novice understanding of anything mechanical- you can do it easily. Just take your time, use the correct parts and don’t rush anything. ALL parts are avail from the MTD website.

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: This unit moves a LOT of snow – even heavy/ wet snow & slush and can throw it well over 50′.

    I was clearing 20″ of snow at full clearing width and the unit had no problems at all, it performs very well. It is wise to go slow and not push the machine hard as the volume of snow this unit moves is easily twice the volume as other units. In deep snow, move forward enough to fill the auger housing, stop and let it clear itself out, and move forward again. In snow one foot or more, you can keep moving without stopping at all with no problem for short perods of time (say 1/2 hour to 45 min), however in extended periods of use, this would stress the machine and I would suspect leed to excessive wear and tear and ultimately premature failure of some components and possibly overheating. Use with care and follow the maintenance schedule, this machine is a lifetime unit- it is also very easy to work on.

    The impellar is huge- and is in the same “heavy duty class” as the Ariens 36″ (same sheer pins too), although I would not classify it as a commercial unit and would not trust an employee to run it, as there is not much room for error in operation- sheer pins, belts, and clutch are all prone to greater wear running a machine that moves this volume of snow. This is a BIG & HEAVY unit.

    I’ve been running mine for five winters- it still runs new and clears my 500′ gravel driveway with ease. I don’t know what I would do without it. I can go to the end of the driveway and back and clear a 7.5′ path. Amazing.

    Cons: Moving this much snow at once has its advantages- but if your walkway is not wider then 45″, than you will need a smaller unit for those areas. Of course clearing snow over the lawn is no problem so slog as the skids are set high. I have a gravel pathway and clear it while overlapping some of the lawn without any problem.

    As with any snow thrower, frozen ice tracks on the ground will cause the blade to catch and turn the unit to either side, making clearing new snow difficult- it makes it twice as difficult with a unit that’s twice as wide- so be diligent with ice melt on gravel if you get deep ice tracks/ ruts.

    Attachments: I have the snow cab and would not want to operate this machine without it. Often I am clearing in a snow blizzard, and the cab really keeps any blowing snow or blow back snow if it is windy. Plus is is warmer keeping the wind off and reducing exposure.
    Modifications: Drift cutters are helpful, but because this unit is so wide- any snow that falls out in front of you due to being higher than the unit itself on one side when clearing snow, is cleared anyway- so I’ve yet to really need mine.

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