Toro TimeCutter Z5060

The Toro TimeCutter Z5060 zero turn lawnmower is equipped with a 2 cylinder Courage engine that is manufactured by Kohler. This gasoline engine uses a full pressure lubrication system to keep the moving parts from getting worn too quickly. The air intake is passed through an air filter which removes dust and other particulate matter before it enters into the combustion chambers. This engine is fed with gas from a fuel tank that can hold up to 11.4 liters (3 US gallons) of gasoline. Similar zero turn mowers to the Z5060 in the TimeCutter range include the Toro TimeCutter SS4360 and the Toro TimeCutter SS5000 mowers.

toro timecutter z5060The Toro TimeCutter Z5060 obviously does not have a steering wheel as it’s a zero turn lawnmower. Instead it has 2 lap bars that are positioned in front of the operator. Each lap bar controls how much power each rear wheel receives thanks to a dual hydrostatic transmission which means that one rear wheel can be moving forwards, while the other is reversing which is what allows the Time Cutter Z 5060 to make zero radius turns. The dual hydrostatic transmission gives the lawnmower a max speed of 11.3 kph (7 mph) going fowards and 5.5 kph (3.4 mph) when it’s reversing.

The mowing deck on the Toro TimeCutter Z5060 has a cutting width of 50 inches and discharges the grass clippings out the side of the mower deck. The deck can be raised and lowered from a height of 1.5 inches above the ground to 4.5 inches above the ground. There is the option of a rear twin bagger attachment for the Time Cutter Z5060 lawnmower which will leave your lawn looking a lot neater than just discharging the cut grass back on top of it. The lawnmower comes with a 3 year limited warranty to people purchasing it brand new. Click Here to buy the Toro TimeCutter Z5060.

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3 Reviews of the “Toro TimeCutter Z5060”

  1. MIKE says:

    I read bad reviews on the motor.
    But decided that most people who say a product didn’t meet their expectation think little fairies brush their teeth and wipe their asses.
    Truth is Toro makes a solid zero turn the motor is made by Kohler and they are a front runner on motors always have been. a 2000 hour motor is 4 hours average a week for 30 years of mowing season at my house saying I mow 16.6 times a year with a $3000 price tag. belts blades and tires maybe every 5 years. thank you Toro for my summers back.
    Home owner
    PS. and common sense = $ Saved

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: commercial
    Cons: residential
    Attachments: foot pedal deck lift
    Modifications: n one

  2. Ben says:

    Good mower for the price

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: My girlfiend bought this mower in 2010 after buying a new home. It is a timcutter z5060, model 74375. She researched and did the best she could as to which was the best buy. Unfortunately, she didn’t buy enough mower. If your mowing an acre to 1 1/2 acre, you should be fine as long as your not mowing thick bermuda and crabgrass like we have here in the south. Overall quality is good, and it has a Kohler 25 hp twin, which can handle most jobs. Kohlers are known for the reliability, and will hold up as long as you keep oil in them. The frame and deck are solid, and was suprised how much mower you get for just over 3 grand. This is a great mower for residential yards under two acres, and is very manueverable. I wished it had the kawasaki engine as the other review stated in his mower, as I always found they did better in thick grass, and burned less fuel. Overall, I think it is a good buy, and would also look at the new bad boy mowers as a comparison for a good zero turn residential mower. I use a larger capacity wix oil filter in the motor, and stick with Mobil 1 15w50 synthetic oil. I’ve used this in my motorcycles, mowers, and atv’s with no problems.
    Cons: It doesn’t handle thick grass as well as my Cub Cadet 54 in tractor that has a Kohler 23 hp, but I’m hoping a new blade swap will help in that department. The drain plug on the engine is very awkward to access, but apparently the dealer she purchased it from tried to remedy this by installing a hose (fuel line with a brass plug) threaded into the drain plug (what a nightmare trying to loosen). Mowing speed isn’t what I would expect from this size mower, and I find myself having to recut areas twice as one pass wouldn’t do it. Also, mine loves gas, as all the previous Kohler engines I’ve owned did, but they don’t use oil which is a plus.
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: Just installed a bigger oil filter, a larger capacity Wix

  3. heath says:

    Very positive, I have had it about 3 weeks, so this review is not based on “first time glow”, nor is it based on long term reliability. My previous mower was a JD 48″ tractor with a Kohler engine.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Lots of power, selective speed range for mowing close or open turf.
    Big 50″ deck gives nice level cuts, even on 10 degree slope. Comfortable seat, heavy construction, ball bearings almost everywhere.
    Low fuel consumption, good adjustments (bar positions, deck height seat position, etc)
    Cons: RH storage cubby is too far back to be useful. That big Kawasaki is pretty loud. The manual would be better if it told you what tools you need for a certain task.
    Attachments: hour meter, recycler kit (was easy to install, deck removal is easy, although heavy and bulky to move.
    Modifications: I replaced front wheel bushings (steel on steel) with sealed ball bearings, should give better life.

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