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The Snapper SPX2752 garden tractor lawnmower is part of the Snapper SPX series of lawnmowers that also include the Snapper SPX2146 lawn mower. The SPX 2752 is the more powerful model. It gets it’s power from a Briggs and Stratton Professional Series gasoline engine. This 2 cylinder engine has a power output of 24 hp. Starting this lawnmower is incredibly easy. It doesn’t use a keystarting system or even a recoil, pull cord system. Instead you start the engine by simply pressing a button. The 12 volt battery that is used to start the engine provides it with 230 cold cranking amps. The engine on this lawn mower draws gas from a fuel tank that can hold up to 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons).

The Snapper SPX2752 is built on a 2WD chassis. This chassis is made from 12 gauge steel which does not damage easily. Attached to this chassis is a mower deck that has a cutting width of 52 inches. This cutting width means that it’s used frequently by both individuals as well as commercial contractors and landscaping companies. The height of the mower deck is controlled electrically which gives it an infinite number of cutting height positions between 1.5 and 4 inches above the ground.

The Snapper SPX2752 is a fairly big machine. It’s highest point is 45 inches above the ground. Even though the mower deck has a cutting width of 52 inches, the total width of the deck is actually 63 inches due to the discharge flap located at the side. If a bagger or mulching kit is not used on the SPX 2752, then the grass clippings are simply discharged out the side of the mowing deck which leaves the lawn in an unsightly condition. If you have ever owned or used this lawn mower model from Snapper, then please feel free to leave a review below so that others can get an idea of it’s good (and bad) aspects.

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