Snapper SPX2146

The Snapper SPX2146 tractor lawnmower is the least powerful of the 2 models in the Snapper SPX series. The more powerful model is the Snapper SPX2752 lawn mower. However this article is about the SPX 2146, so we will only be talking about it from now on. The SPX2146 gets it’s power from a Professional Series engine that Briggs and Stratton designed. This engine is gasoline powered and has a power output of 21 hp from just 1 cylinder. The K46 hydrostatic transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels, making the lawnmower an automatic with no gear changing required. Controlling the speed of the machine is done only with the accelerator and brake.

The engine sits in a 2WD chassis that has been constructed from stamped steel which will almost never deform, bend or break, even under heavy or sudden loading. The front axle is also equally robust. It’s made from cast iron. The total width of the Snapper SPX2146 comes to 59 inches even though the mower deck has a cutting width of 46 inches. This is because the discharge flap is located on the side of the mower deck. The lawnmower has a wheelbase of 50 inches.

When buying the Snapper SPX2146 brand new for commercial use, it comes with a 90 day warranty as standard for the machine and a 1 year warranty for the for the engine. If you are buying the SPX 2146 for use in a residential setting, it comes with a 2 year limited warranty for both the engine and the machine. If you have ever owned or operated this lawnmower, then make sure to leave a review below letting others know what the pros and cons are to using one. Also make sure to mention any attachments that you use with it or any modifications that you have made to it.

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One Review of the “Snapper SPX2146”

  1. Clifford Nowlin says:

    I got the 52″ model. It is a fantastic lawn tractor, BUT I can’t keep the hood on. The four screws holding it on worked out the first time I mowed the lawn. I emailed Sapper customer service and they graciously sent me 10 more screws. However, every time I installed the screws, they would work out within an hour. I tightened them as much as I dared without stripping out the plastic posts they screw into. While mowing down a grade the whole hood slipped off the front. The wires to the lights came loose and went under the blades before I could stop the mower. It chewed the connectors up so I now have no lights. I emailed customer service again five more times but have yet to receive an answer. Overall, the mower is great except for the hood fasteners. I now keep it on with a bungee cord. Snapper has been no help. Sears said they would send a guy out but it would be a $200 service call with no guarantee they could fix it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Quiet
    Nice technology features
    easy to steer
    good turn radius
    cuts tall grass without bogging down
    Cons: The hood won’t stay on
    Customer Service
    Seat fabric coming loose
    Modifications: bungee cord

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