Simplicity ZT2000

The Simplicity ZT2000 zero turn lawn mower is available with a choice of engines. The less powerful choice is a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series, 2 cylinder engine that produces 26 hp. The other choice is a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 2 cylinder engine that pumps out 27 hp. This make the ZT 2000 much more powerful than the Simplicity Axion and the Simplicity ZT3000 zero turn lawnmowers. Even though there is a choice of engine on this lawnmower, the chassis on both is made from 12 gauge steel. However each engine has a seperate transmission. The 26 hp engine has a Hydro-Gear EZT hydrostatic gearbox while the 27 hp engine has a Hydro-Gear ZT2800 hydrostatic transmission, which means that both machines are automatics.

The mower deck on the Simplicity ZT2000 also changes depending on the engine size you choose. The 26 hp engine powers a mower deck that has a cutting width of 52 inches, while the the 27 hp engine powers a mower deck with a cutting width of 46 inches. Both of these mower decks consist of 3 blades and are electrically raised and lowered from a high of 1 inch above the ground to 3.75 inches above the ground. This electric raising and lowering means that the mower decks have an infinite number of cutting positions.

Unlike regular tractor lawn mowers that use a steering wheel to control their direction and and accelerator pedal to control speed, the Simplicity ZT2000 uses a set of 2 lap bars in front of the driver to control both it’s speed and direction. To deal with the grass clippings that this lawnmower produces, you have a choice: you can use a mulching kit that shreds the grass into a nutritious mulch or you can collect the clippings in a rear bagger that has a capacity to hold 10 bushels.

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One Review of the “Simplicity ZT2000”

  1. Angelo says:

    ZT2000 for 2 acre lot – go with a bigger more professional machine, not a toy.
    i am not happy at all – not worth the money spent from Regional.
    i go elsewhere now.
    my previous riding tractor was much better.
    my money will go towards a new XMark, JD or Bobcat – much more machine for more $$ but worth it

    machine was $3600.00
    bag kit 700.00

    Plus Tax!

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: small enough for my 12 yr old to run.
    a LITTLE fast than a tractor
    has a 3 bagger kit for clippings.
    works great for culvert ditches will not tip over.
    maneuver around trees well.

    Cons: undersized for average sized man – i’m 6′
    under deck pivots ALWAYS falling off – will have to fabricate something more robust.
    no fuel gauge.
    no roll bar.
    too slow for a zero turn and 26 HP.
    bogs down if grass is higher than 4″.
    electric clutch burnt out twice.
    front tires too small – rear as well
    should have separate throttle and choke levers – poor design.
    hard to lubricate blade bearings.
    belt idler bearing pulleys noisy – replaced twice…not able to grease.
    Attachments: mulching kit.
    3 bag kit
    Modifications: have to modify undercarriage pivots they keep falling off – too light for a 52″ stamped deck. ;(
    this machine should only have a max 40″ deck – MAX

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