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As well as making walk behind and garden tractor lawnmowers, Simplicity also make a good range of zero turn lawnmowers. The Simplicity Axion zero turn lawn mower is one of these. When buying it brand new, it comes with a choice of engines. Either a 18.5 hp or 21 hp Briggs & Stratton Extended Life Series engine (which as you can probably guess from the name is designed so as to have a longer lifespan than similar engines of the same size). These engines are key started using a 12 volt battery that provide the engine with 230 cold cranking amps. The engine is fed gasoline from an 11.4 liter (3 US gallon) fuel tank.

The transmission on the Simplicity Axion transfers power from the engine to the wheels. This is a Hydro-Gear EZT hydrostatic transmission gives the lawnmower infinite speeds going forward as well as in reverse. This transmission is also the reason that the Axion can execute zero radius turns as it allows the operator to control each rear wheel independently, using the lap bars. By pushing the lap bars in alternate directions is what allows the operator to make a turn with no radius.

As the rear wheels on the Simplicity Axion do most of the work from powering the machine forward to providing traction as well as supporting the weight of the machine, they are also much bigger than the front wheels. The rear wheels each measure 18×8.5 (18 inch diameter, 8.5 inch width) while the front tires, whose main job is to keep the mower deck elevated above the ground are much smaller measuring 11×4-4 (11 inch diameter, 4 inch width, 4 inch rim diameter). The mower deck on this model has a cutting width of either 33 inches or 42 inches. Similar models include the Simplicity ZT2000 and the Simplicity ZT3000 zero turn lawnmowers.

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