Simplicity Pivot-N-Go

The Simplicity Pivot-N-Go series of lawnmowers features 3 different but similar walk behind, self propelled mowers. These are the Simplicity LSPVH21875 which is powered by the Briggs & Stratton 875 Series engine, the Simplicity SPVH21700 which is powered by the Briggs and Stratton 700 Series engine and the Simplicity SPVH21775E which is powered by the Briggs and Stratton 775 Series engine. All three engines are started by a pull cord, recoil system.

All 3 of these Simplicity Pivot-N-Go lawnmowers use a variable speed transmission which give a top speed of 6.4 kph (4 mph). The mower decks on all 3 lawnmowers have a cutting width of 21 inches, although their total width is a little bit bigger than this. Inside each mower deck is a single ‘double wave’ blade that quickly and efficiently chops up the grass and forces it towards the discharge chute. The height of the mower deck on all 3 Pivot n’ Go models can be adjusted from a low of 1.25 inches above the ground to a high of 4 inches above the ground.

Unlike most ride on lawnmowers, the wheels on the Simplicity Pivot-N-Go are fairly small. The rear wheels each measure just 9×2 (9 inch diameter, 1 inch width) while the front wheels each measure 8×2 (8 inch diameter, 2 inch width). A bagger is included with all 3 models to catch the cut grass clippings, which makes the lawn look a lot neater than just discharging them back onto the grass. However the operator also has the option of mulching the clippings with a mulching kit.If you are looking for ride on tractor lawnmowers by this brand, then you may find the Simplicity ZT4000, Simplicity Citation or the Simplicity Cobalt zero turn mowers or the Simplicity Broadmoor garden tractor lawnmower to be fairly suitable to your needs.

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