McCulloch M13597HRB

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The McCulloch M13597HRB garden tractor lawnmower is a very easy to use machine. There are 2 particularly appealing aspects to it. The first is that it uses a hydrostatic transmission instead of a gear shift one. This takes away the hassle of constantly changing gears. The other great thing about the M13597 HRB is that it comes with a rear bagger as standard, you don’t have to purchase it separately. This means that you will never have to rake the grass clippings on your lawn after cutting it. Instead they get collected in the rear bagger.

The engine powering the McCulloch M13597HRB is a Briggs and Stratton model. This has a power output of 13.5 hp from just one cylinder. The air intake into the engine is cleaned using a dry type air filter which removes dust as well as stray grass clippings. The power to the wheels is controlled using the accelerator lever. The blades in the mower deck are powered by a belt drive system. This system is engaged manually. The mower deck itself has a cutting width of 0.97 m (38.2 inches). With the bagger attached to the rear, it’s total length may seem quite high at 2.5 m (98.4 inches).

The McCulloch M13597HRB is more than just a tractor lawn mower though. It can also be used in conjunction with a front blade to clear snow or other debris. There is also a dethatcher that can be attached and it can tow a range of carts. If you would prefer this machine with a gear shift transmission instead of a hydrostatic one, then check out the McCulloch M13597RB. If you would like it without the rear bagger, the you may be interested in the McCulloch M13597 model. If you have ever owned or operated the M13597 HRB, then please leave a review of it below.

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