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The Massey Harris 44 was built by the Massey Harris tractor company in 1947 and continued in production for 8 years until 1955. Many people often refer to the Massey Harris tractors as Massey Ferguson tractors for the simple reason that the Massey Harris and Ferguson tractor companies both joined together to form Massey Harris Ferguson in 1953 (the name was later shortened to just Massey Ferguson). So you are right to call it either a Massey Ferguson 44 or a Massey Harris 44 or even a Massey Harris Ferguson 44.

A total of over 80,000 Massey Harris 44’s were built. They featured one of 4 different engines, depending on the time of manufacture. The first is a tractor fueled Massey-Harris 4 cylinder engine with a displacement of 4.3 liters. The next is a Continental, 4 cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 4.3 liters and is cooled via a liquid cooling system. There was also a 4 cylinder gasoline engine that also had a 4.3 liter displacement and is liquid cooled via a cooling system requiring 21.8 liters of coolant. The final engine is a Massey Harris manufactured 4 cylinder engine that is a little bigger than the others with a displacement of 4.5 liters. These engines produced a power output of up to 49 horsepower.

The power from the engine was then transferred to it’s 5 forward gears or single gear for reversing. The Massey Harris 44 has a weight of 2630 kg (5800 lbs). It measures 3.43 m (135.3 inches) in length if it’s the standard MH 44 or 3.28 m (129 inches) if it’s the row crop version. It measures 2.03 m (80 inches) in width. It’s also important to note that there is a number of variants of the Massey Ferguson 44; there is a standard model which has mostly been discussed in this article, which has a fixed and wide front. The row crop has a tricycle front, which makes it a little unsteady but very good in fields of crops. There was also an orchard version available which has a sleeker body, allowing users to get closer to trees. Finally, there was also a vinyard version.

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