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The John Deere M range can be subdivided in 4 different but similar vehicles: the M, the MT which is the tricycle version, the MC which is the crawler version, the MI which is a model designed for industrial purposes.

    The JD model ‘M’ was designed as a replacement for three previous models, the ‘L’, the ‘H’ and the ‘LA’ models. It began production in 1947 and was manufactured for 5 years, up until 1952. The variations (MT, MC and MI models) began production a while after the original ‘M’.

    All variations of the ‘M’ were powered by a 1.6 liter, 2 cylinder gasoline engine designed and built by John Deere providing just over 20 hp (not a lot when you think of most John Deere lawnmowers these days cranking out over 20 hp). However many refurbished John Deere M’s these days don’t have the original engine but instead have often had their engine replaced.

    As most John Deere enthusiasts already know, the MI model is not painted in John Deere’s traditional green and yellow. Instead it is painted all yellow.

    The JD M was not a massive tractor in the time that it was originally produced, but instead weighed in at 2,600 lbs (or 1179 kg for those of you in Europe). It measures 110 inches (or 279cm) in length and is 51 inches (or 129 cm) wide.

    The John Deere M had 4 forward gears, maxing out at 10 mph (16.1 kph) going forward. When reversing, the model ‘M’ had a meager top speed of 1.6 mph (2.6 kph) from it’s single reverse gear.

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