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All construction of the John Deere LX255 lawnmower took place in the Horicon construction facility in Wisconsin. This model is part of the ‘LX’ series of lawnmowers, that include the John Deere LX266 and the John Deere LX176 lawnmowers. The JD LX255 has a Kohler CV15S-41571, 1 cylinder gasoline engine. This natural aspiration engine is air cooled and uses a paper and foam air filter on the air intake. Controlling the speed of the wheels is a Tuff Torq, automatic transmission using Twin Touch pedals for convenience.

The John Deere LX255 has a maximum speed of 8.8 kph (5.5 mph). The turning radius of this model is quite high at 0.51 m (20 inches) which means that you should look to other lawnmowers if you need a mower for a garden with many narrow lanes, nooks and crannies. The weight of the JD LX255 when being shipped comes to 219 kg (483 lbs), but obviously with the mower deck attached, it’s going to weigh a lot more. The total length of the machine is 1.76 m (69 inches) without a bagger attached at the back.

The specially designed tires on the John Deere LX255 mean that there is a very low likelihood of marks being left on soft lawns from it. The front wheels measure 15×6-6 (15 inch diameter, 6 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter) while the rear tires measure 20×10-8 (20 inch diameter, 10 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter). Unfortunately the JD LX255 does not come with power steering as standard or a cab to protect the operator from the elements. However a few people have been known to make modifications to their LX255s to suit them more to their needs. In addition to cutting your grass, you can also use this garden tractor lawnmower to clear you driveway of snow using an optional John Deere snow blower attachment.

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