John Deere LX178

The John Deere LX178 is a popular JD lawnmower that was built in it’s Horicon plant during the nineties in a production run that lasted 8 years from 1990 up until 1998. It has a Kawasaki FD440V engine as standard (also known as the John Deere K series of engine). This natural aspiration, gasoline fueled 2 cylinder engine has a displacement of just 0.4 liters and produces 15 hp. Even though the engine is quite small, it is liquid cooled. The hydrostatic transmission on the JD LX 178 then transferred this power t0 it’s 4×2 2WD chassis giving it a top speed of 5.5 mph.

The gas tank on the John Deere LX178 can hold 9.5 liters (2.5 US gallons) of gasoline which is ample for a few hours of running time. It has a choice of mower decks and other attachments that it can accommodate. There are 3 different mower decks that fit well with the JD LX178: a 0.96 m (38 inches) deck, a 1.11 m (44 inches) deck and a 1.21 m (48 inches) mowing deck. This is as well as 2 types of front mounted, single stage snow blowers; a 0.96 m (38 inches) snowblower and a 1.06 m (42 inches) snow blower.

This ride on lawnmower also has an adjustable seat suspension so that it stays comfortable depending on the weight of the operator. The John Deere LX 178 does not come with a cab as standard, although you do have the option of using a sun umbrella for particularly hot conditions. The 15 amp alternator on the LX 178 charges the 12 V battery during operation so that key ignition works every time. This is much better than other tractor lawn mowers that are often found to use a pull cord to start.

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4 Reviews of the “John Deere LX178”

  1. Gordon E Agnew says:

    Only real problem I’ve had was the igniter and regulator went bad after 24 years of use. You’d think they’d have lasted longer….Ha!

    Year of Manufacture: 1994
    Pros: Tough, reliable, great cut, heavy blades, superb deck, runs cool on hot days
    Cons: Cheap plastic expensive hood, replaced with steel hood from a Craftsman GT
    Attachments: 38″ deck
    Modifications: Fit steel hood onto mower

  2. Gordie says:

    Very good mower for the money. I liked it so much, I bought a used LX188 which has the same engine except it is 17hp and it has a 48″ deck

    Year of Manufacture: 1992
    Pros: 15hp Liquid Cooled engine with pressurized oil and has a hydrostatic transmission. Plenty of power for the 38′ deck. Doesn’t use any oil to this day.
    Cons: Plastic hood hinge points are prone to break.
    Attachments: 42″ front blade, 42″ snow blower, chains, weights, grass bagger.
    Modifications: Added rear LED tail lights and DC power hook up in back for lawn trailer tail lights for in town driving. (My kids use for lawn service to haul push mower, blower, etc.)

  3. Matthew says:

    Just enjoy mowing with it!

    Year of Manufacture: 1991
    Pros: sharp steering ,quite,pretty good speed,very reliable.
    Cons: Poor material or design on the Hoods
    Modifications: no hood……

  4. Luke Melanson says:

    Bought this mower from my uncle in 2010. Have had it ever since, had a few small problems with it and starter has a flat spot on it but still runs and cuts farely good. Considering age and amount of use. I am strongly impressed.

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: Liquid cooled engine
    Engine runs quiet with enough power
    Warning lights
    Cons: Small
    Engine is small
    Deck is small

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