John Deere LT166

The John Deere LT166 is a lawn mower designed and built by JD over a 3 year period that spanned the late nineties and into the new millennium from 1998 until 2001. All production of this lawn tractor took place in the John Deere Horicon plant in Wisconsin. The lawn mower is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard, 2 cylinder (V twin) engine that takes gasoline, as do most JD lawnmowers this size. This 16 hp is transferred from the engine to the 2WD chassis via a hydrostatic transmission, which gives it infinite gears going forward and infinite gears going backwards through it’s TwinTouch pedals.

The John Deere LT166 is actually quite a light model and weighs in at only 213 kg (470 lbs). This lawn tractor has a range of mower deck options available to it. You can choose between; a 0.96 m (38 inches) mower deck, a 1.06 m (42 inches), ‘Freedom 42’ mowing deck or a fully adjustable 1.21 m (48 inches) mower deck. Please keep in mind that the larger the mowing deck is on your John Deere LT 166, the more likely that it is to stall the engine and cut out if you are using it on very long or very wet grass.

The seat suspension in the JD LT 166 is also completely adjustable so that it matches the driver/operator’s weight to give a comfortable and smooth ride. As this JD lawnmower is quite a small one, it does not come with a cab. However in areas where it is incredibly hot and warm, it does have the option of a sun umbrella.

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3 Reviews of the “John Deere LT166”

  1. Preston Ramsey says:

    I couldn’t be happier with my JD. Only now thinking “how long will this thing last?”
    I will most certainly purchase another….but this time with a built in cup holder.

    Year of Manufacture: 99
    Pros: Bought my LT166 new in 1999 and have mowed my 1 acre yard approximately 25 times each summer and plowed my 250 driveway many times each winter.
    Cons: I’ve replaced 2 primary belts and one secondary belt.
    The original battery failed after only 15 years and the seat began to split after only 12 years! I am so disappointed!! Just kidding!
    I have nothing bad to say about this mower.
    Attachments: 42 in mulching deck, 42 in front mounted plow, JD lawn plugger, JD thatcher and JD oversize trailer. All have worked better and longer than expected
    Modifications: None.

  2. james schmidt says:

    Great little machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 1999
    Pros: Never had one problem over 18 years.
    Cons: Drives slow.
    Attachments: 38″ deck

  3. Roger Housewright says:

    to start with, it has a 46” mowing deck that you don’t even mention. five years ago, i bought a husqvarna so i could have a reliable mower to mow with, but i kept the jd to mow the ditchline and trim with.i always had john deere farm tractors until i had the experience with the lt 166.
    3 years ago, i bought a new holland farm tractor. i don’t want anything else that has john deere written on it. i would mow with a reel type push mower before i would buy another john deere mower.and don’t even think about any help from the dealer.

    Year of Manufacture: 98
    Pros: if there are any pros, it is a decent ride and decent fuel mileage.
    Cons: the mower was junk from the start. i paid $3300 for it, and in the first 2 years, i spent more on repairs than i had the previous 15 years on an $800 murray.Mower belts, drive belts, steering gear,starters,springs-these just come to mind- i haven’t kept a complete log.
    Attachments: 46 ” mowing deck
    Modifications: none

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