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The John Deere LT160 lawnmower first entered production in 2001 in JD’s Horicon plant which is located in Wisconsin. Interestingly there are actually 2 different versions of this model. The John Deere LT160 42C and the John Deere LT160 Freedom lawnmower. However they are both almost identical. Both garden tractor lawnmowers are powered by the same Kohler one cylinder engine. This has a power output of 16 hp. The engine is battery started using a key start ignition. This battery is then charged via a 15 amp alternator once the engine is turned on.

Each model uses a hydrostatic transmission making them both automatic with no need for gear changing. To control the speed of the lawnmower and whether you are moving forwards or reversing, you just need to use the Twin Touch pedals. Both machines have a top speed of 9.3 kph (5.8 mph) and so are fairly nippy over large areas.  They also both have an incredibly small turning radius of just 0.36 m (14 inches).

Another great aspect of both the John Deere LT160 42 C and the John Deere LT160 Freedom is that they incorporate a foot pedal system that allows the operator to lower or raise the deck attachments just by using your foot saving a lot of time and energy. The biggest difference between both mowers is that the JD LT160 Freedom uses a mulching mowing deck that has been specifically designed to mulch the grass clippings, although it can also take a bagger at the rear if you wish. The height of the mower deck on both machines can be adjusted to between as little as 1 inch above the ground and up to 4 inches above the ground.If you are looking for other lawnmowers in the JD LT series, then you may be interested in the John Deere LT155 lawnmower or the John Deere LT166 lawnmower.

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