John Deere LT150

The John Deere LT150 lawnmower is from JD LT series of garden tractor mowers that was built produced for 3 years from 2002 until production ceased in 2005. The JD LT150 gets it’s power from a Kohler, 1 cylinder engine. This engine produces 15 horsepower and fortunately does not require tools to drain the oil. A 12 volt battery is used to start the engine. When the engine is running a 15 amp alternator then recharges the battery. The fuel tank holding gas for the LT150 is capable of holding up to 7.6 liters (2 US gallons) of fuel and is located at the rear of the machine.

The John Deere LT150 is built on a 4X2 2WD chassis which is fully welded, instead of using bolts to hold it together. This means that the connections are much less likely to loosen or become weak with age. The JD LT150 uses a hydrostatic transmission making this lawnmower an automatic, using Twin Touch pedals to move forwards/backwards and control the speed. The mower deck on this lawnmower is very accurately adjustable, from 1 inch above the ground to 4 inches above the ground. You can move it through 13 different positions in quarter inch increments. The mower deck itself is constructed from 12 gauge steel and so is easily able to handle any knocks and bruises that may come it’s way. You can use either a 38 inch mower deck or a bigger, 42 inch mowing deck on this machine.

While may people like to just discharge the grass clippings out the side of the John Deere LT150, you also have 2 other options. You can add a mulching plug that will quickly and finely chop up the clippings so that they rapidly decompose on the surface of the lawn or you can instead use a 7 bushel bagger. If you are looking for a bigger machine, then you might be interested in the John Deere LT166 lawnmower, while if you are looking for something a little smaller, check out the John Deere LT133 lawn mower.

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7 Reviews of the “John Deere LT150”

  1. Dr. David Andersen says:

    Got this mower for only $350. It ran for one year without any problems at all then the coil began to go bad and I couldn’t crank it up while it was hot. Then after some really rough mowing in waist high grass filled with briars and various obstacles that caused the mower to even stall. I had to immediately replace the coil. Then after adding only a little of the ethanol gas, it began to have carburetor problems and had to replace the carburetor. Otherwise this mower had been great and reliable to use.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Great mower, cuts well
    Cons: I bought mine second hand in 2019, so I have had to replace the coil, carb and blades
    Attachments: Rear Bagger

  2. Stan Harrison says:

    I bought this second hand today . Gave $500.00 for the mower and a bagger . It had been sitting in a garage for 5+years with gas in the tank . Battery was dead but started with a jump . Really surprised it would start and run with old gas . It belonged to a friend who passed away earlier this year . He used it a few seasons and then parked it and had someone else do his yard . Looks new . I am 72 years old and suspect this will be the last mower I ever buy . RIP my good friend .

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: good looking machine
    Cons: None
    Attachments: Bagger

  3. Bill K says:

    I purchased this tractor new in the fall of 2005. I have the local Deere dealer perform an annual maintenance every year (fall or winter) at my house. I’m still using the original blades and battery. However, I think I may need a new battery this year. I also keep it in the garage, and use a trickle charger over the winter. Based on my experiences, I would definitely recommend this level of motor. I mow approximately ½ acre every week. This is a wonderful machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Always starts,easy to maintain, cuts evenly.
    Cons: None to date.
    Attachments: Rear bagger, for leaves.
    Modifications: None.

  4. Eddie A Gay says:

    great mower, been using it for 15 years , just change battery , spindles , blades , would buy an other one like this one

    Year of Manufacture: 2002

  5. Pete Ramey says:

    I have been using my John Deere LT150 for 18 years. Its a very remarkable machine. I have kept this mower in the garage so no rust. I have the John Deere dealership to service once a year.

    Great machine… glad own this particular model.

    Year of Manufacture: 2002
    Pros: Dependable…low maintenance
    Cons: None
    Attachments: Rear Bagger
    Modifications: None

  6. Ron says:

    This machine has been great. I’m in my eleventh season with it (also hauled it to do my parents’ yard for two seasons) and have had no problems whatsoever. The original battery even lasted for almost seven years. (Replacement Die-Hard only lasted two months but next generic battery is beginning its fourth season.) I keep all filters and oil changed regularly. Just replaced the blades for the first time.

    I couldn’t ask for a better mower.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Size, Dependability/Reliability
    Cons: Hitch flange needs to be a heavier gauge of metal
    Attachments: Mulcher, Garden Trailer
    Modifications: None

  7. Matt says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Runs well, cuts well, its just an overall good mower.
    Attachments: Bagger

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