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The John Deere D is a very famous classic tractor. It had a production run from 1923 to 1939 during which time, over 155,000 were built. It’s also interesting to noted that modified versions were still being produced up until 1953, so some people like to argue that the production run of the ‘D’ was in fact 30 years and not 16. The JD D was also known as the John Deere 1527 and superseded the interestingly named, ‘Waterloo Boy’. Why was it called the Waterloo Boy? John Deere had bought the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company which previously produced the Waterloo Boy. So John Deere used this acquired technology to build the John Deere D.

Many of the early JD ‘D’ tractors didn’t have rubber wheels, but instead had metal, spoked wheels. These were soon replaced and all John Deere tractors eventually came with rubber tractor tires.

The John Deere Model came with 1 of 2 different engines as standard:

  • A 7.6 liter, 2 cylinder, all fuel engine
  • A 8.2 liter, 2 cylinder, all fuel engine

The model D was a large tractor in it’s time, but obviously now it’s not big at all, especially when compared to tractors like the JD 8530. It’s production weight constantly increased as it was modified and changed by the engineers at John Deere (but retained it’s name regardless). The model D initially weighed 4,090 lbs (or 1855 kg if you are in Europe) but eventually weighed 5,880 lbs (or 2667 kg) coming off the production line in the later years.

The same goes for it’s length and width. It was initally 109 inches (or 276 cm) long but through modification and changes, eventually it increased to 130 inches (or 330 cm). It’s width increased from 56 inches (or 142 cm) 66.5 inches (or 168 cm).

Due to many different, unmodified John Deere Model D’s existing, many people collect these particular John Deere models and repair or restore them. If you own a ‘D’ and would like to add a review, then we would greatly appreciate it, and please mention the year it was built and any modifications it has. Just write your review below.

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