John Deere 900HC

The John Deere 900HC compact utility tractor first appeared in 1986 and enjoyed a production run of five years until it was discontinued in 1990. The tractor uses a diesel engine that is manufactured by JD themselves. This engine has a total displacement of 1.3 liters. The engine has a power output of 25 hp. The JD 900HC tractor is a 4X2 2WD machine that transfers power to the wheels through a gearbox that provides the operator with 8 speeds going forward and 2 for when it’s reversing.

The engine on the John Deere 900HC tractor also powers the hydraulic system. This hydraulic system powers the rear three point hitch which is category 1. The rear PTO turns at 540 RPM. The JD 900HC tractor has a total weight of 1301 kg (2870 lbs). This is not particularly heavy for a tractor, so the the wheels that support it don’t need to be too big. The front wheels which steer the tractor each measure 5-15 (5 inch width, 15 inch rim diameter). The rear wheels through which the engine powers the tractor each measure 11.2-28 (11.2 inch width, 28 inch rim diameter). The tractor comes with a roll bar (ROPS) as standard to help to protect the driver in the event that the tractor tips.

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One Review of the “John Deere 900HC”

  1. bob says:

    I bought it new , has held up very well , 2600 hours, several new batteries new tires 1 fan belt

    Year of Manufacture: 1987
    Pros: great cultivating tractor
    Cons: hard to get parts
    Attachments: cultivator, brush hog corn planter ,4 foot roto tiller, grader blade, single bottom plow

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