John Deere 8960

The John Deere 8960 tractor is a monster that is part of the JD 8060 series of large articulated tractors built specifically for pulling heavy attachments. This is the largest tractor in the 8060 series. The other 2 machines, the John Deere 8560 and the John Deere 8760 tractors are far smaller and produce less power which means that the loads that they are capable of pulling are a lot lower. Then engine powering the JD 8960 is a Cummins diesel model. This 6 cylinder engine has a total displacement of 14 liters. An engine this size obviously has a very large cooling system which needs to be filled with up to 68.1 liters of water. The engine is turbocharged and pumps out 370 hp. It uses an aspirator along with a dual paper element air filter to stop dust and other particulate matter from getting into the engine and lowering it’s performance.

The John Deere 8960 tractor comes with a choice of 2 different transmission systems. The first is a JD PowrSync transmission with partial power shift which gives the operator 24 speeds traveling forward and 6 for reversing. The other gearbox option is a JD Power Shift transmission giving 12 forward and 3 reversing speeds. The JD 8960 tractor is built on an articulated 4X4 4WD chassis. This chassis makes the tractor great at pulling heavy loads but not so great at other jobs. The total weight of the tractor is very high at 16,134 kg (35,570 lbs) and it has a massive wheelbase of 3.4 m (134 inches).

The wheels on the John Deere 8960 that support this large weight are quite big, all 4 wheels measure 20.8-38 (20.8 inch width, 38 inch rim diameter). Most of the time though you will actually see the JD 8960 with dual wheels instead of singles. The tractor comes with a category 4 type hitch. It is raised and lowered using a closed hydraulic system.

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