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The John Deere 8285R tractor is a step up from other tractors in the 8R series like the John Deere 8235R or the John Deere 8260R tractors as it has a more powerful engine and weighs a little bit more too. The total weight of the JD 8285R comes in at 13,722 kg (30,252 lbs) for the ILS model and 12,346 kg (27,218 lbs) for the MFWD model. This very heavy weight needs a powerful engine and that’s why it’s uses a JD PowerTech PSX engine that provides 285 hp to the wheels. This engine is started by a group of two, 12 volt batteries that provide the engine with 925 cold cranking amps. These two batteries are then recharged by a 200 amp alternator that works when the engine is running.

The engine on the John Deere 8285R tractor has a displacement of 9 liters and features dual turbochargers. The engine is liquid cooled and uses a dual stage air filter to prevent particulate matter and dust from entering the combustion chamber. The engine on the JD 8285R is a 6 cylinder model. The fuel tank on the engine has a capacity to hold up to 695 liters (183.6 US gallons) of diesel in it. The engine powers the hydraulics system which operates at a pressure of 200 bar (2900 psi). This hydraulics system is what powers the front end loader.

While the the John Deere 8285R does have the ability to use a John Deere H480 front end loader, it’s mostly used as a pulling tractor. As a result there are a number of different ballast configurations available to attach to both the front of the tractor as suitcase weights and to the wheels. If you are the owner of a JD 8285R or have ever used one, then please do leave a review of it below, comparing it to similar tractors made by other brands so that people get an idea of what it’s like to own and operate it.

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